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Tablet vs. Laptop: What’s the Best Choice for Buyers?

No matter how well people maintain their technology, something will eventually break down. At that point, it’s time to start looking over various options when it comes to a personal computer.

The Best 2-in-1 Laptop-Style Tablets on the Market

Tablets provide a lightness and portability that many people love. However, laptops offer some advantages when it comes to power

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Insurance for Your Laptop

No one ever expects to see their brand-new laptop stop working within a few days or weeks of purchase. If you’re one of the people unlucky enough to have gone through that experience, then you remember the headaches and hassles.

What’s the Best Price for a Laptop Extended Warranty?

The best price for an extended laptop warranty is one that makes the overall ownership of your computer less expensive.

Yes, You Should Purchase a Warranty for Your Laptop

What’s worse than realizing your brand-new laptop died on you only a few months after buying it? Realizing that you’re now stuck trying to get it repaired through the manufacturer warranty.

Benefits of Upsie Instead of AppleCare for Your MacBook

It’s well known that Apple fanatics love any and everything related to their products. They believe in the quality of their device, the security, and features built into each design.

Best Laptop Warranty or Insurance Option

The typical manufacturer’s warranty for a laptop runs for a single year. This means you’re covered against defects with your computer for one year.

Why the Manufacturer Laptop Warranty Is Not Enough

Buy a new laptop and you likely get the benefit of a manufacturer laptop warranty. But what exactly does that cover — and is it enough?

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