The Best Kenmore Appliances and Warranties

The Kenmore website hosts a nostalgic tour through the appliance company’s long history. The company debuted in 1913 with a sewing machine, released their first washing machine in 1927, and added an electric vacuum to their product line in 1932.
As the decades passed, Kenmore kept upgrading its existing appliances and adding new ones, including a microwave oven in 1971, a range with a ceramic cooktop in 1973, and a dishwasher and French-door refrigerator in the 1980s. Not long ago, Sears reported that one out of three US households owns at least one Kenmore appliance.
Still, appliances have changed a lot in the past 100 years. Many electronics companies have started producing high-tech appliances that connect to smart home systems and use AI to function more efficiently. As a result, Kenmore offers some of the best small and large appliances, although not all of them include advanced features.
Find out which Kenmore appliances still stand out in a significantly disrupted market.

Can Consumers Still Buy Kenmore Appliances?

In 2018, USA Today reported upon the Sears bankruptcy. Since then, the formerly giant retailer has closed almost all of its full-sized stores, though many smaller and more niche-focused retail sites still operate. Since the retailer used to control sales for Kenmore, some people wonder if the appliance brand would disappear.
Sears doesn’t make Kenmore appliances, but they own the brand, and their existing outlets still sell them. Other appliance manufacturers make these machines under the Kenmore brand. Shoppers can even find Kenmore appliances on Amazon and other retailers.

Top Kenmore Appliances

These Kenmore appliances offer excellent value to today’s consumers.

Kenmore Elite 73025

This French-door fridge with a bottom drawer for a freezer provides ample storage for larger families. It lists for almost $2,000 but is relatively easy to find on sale for hundreds of dollars less. In addition, this fridge’s durable design makes it easy to clean and less likely to suffer from damage. Some features that may appeal to families with children include thick, tempered-glass shelves and a smudge-proof finish.

Kenmore Elite 97723

This freestanding electric range offers a convenient double oven to make holiday baking and roasting a breeze. It also features an easy-to-clean ceramic cooktop and plenty of controls for precise cooking and ensuring everything finishes simultaneously. The cooktop also has a warming zone to keep dishes heated without overcooking them. This model generally retails for about $2,500.

The Best Kenmore Extended Warranty

Some households boast of keeping the same Kenmore appliances for decades, though today’s appliances’ complexity makes that benefit less likely in recent times. More complex or older appliances generally cost more to repair than newer machines. Most people will call a repair person at the first sign of trouble, but they may face repair bills that charge up to $150 for labor, a home-visit fee, and parts.
An affordable Kenmore kitchen appliance warranty from Upsie will keep repair bills at bay. For instance:
  • Upsie’s three-year and five-year warranty plans never charge a deductible, helping customers to get the most out of their warranties.
  • Upsie sends certified technicians to their customer’s homes and covers mechanical, electrical, water, and electronic issues.
  • Best of all, Upsie costs up to 70 percent less for their protection plans than their competitors.
  • Customers have as long as 11 months to register their appliance for a warranty.
Choose the best value for new home appliances, and then make the easy choice to have Upsie protect it.

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