Snow Blower Brands to Keep Your Driveway Clear

Game of Thrones popularized “Winter is Coming” — a phrase that sends literal chills down the spines of today’s homeowners. While the White Walkers may not be real, snow-covered driveways and sidewalks are. Hence, the need to be prepared to face the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. Snow blowers play a critical role in this process.
With so many different snow blower options available, it’s time to ditch the shovel for good. At this point, the question is not whether a snow blower is worth the investment, but rather, which model is best for you? Keep reading to examine today’s top snow blower brands — and to discover what they offer consumers who need a break from shoveling.

The Best Gas Powered Snow Blower Brand: Toro

Toro has been in business for over a century. During that time, this iconic brand has easily earned its strong reputation. Toro tractors and lawnmowers are time-tested, so it’s no surprise that the company’s snow blowers are excellent as well. After all, Toro is headquartered in Minnesota, where snowstorms are a way of life and a clear driveway is a homeowner’s badge of honor.
Toro’s SnowMaster gas-powered snow blowers have the power to toss wet, heavy snow around with ease. All three SnowMaster models feature Toro’s Personal Pace Self Propel system, which allows users to easily carve paths through the snow. QuickStick is offered on higher-end models, so directing the chute and chucking snow in different directions is a breeze.

The Best Battery Operated Snow Blower Brand: Snow Joe

Battery-powered snow blowers certainly have their advantages. Besides being significantly cheaper than gas-powered counterparts, they are lighter and easier to get started. Not all models are built to withstand hardcore winter weather, however.
Snow Joe has perfected the positive traits of battery-powered blowers while minimizing the downsides. While the iON line of snow blowers may not be as powerful as gas-powered options from Toro, these machines feature an instant push-button start, as well as solid battery life.
The iON8024 model, in particular, is no slouch. It’s capable of throwing 1,000 pounds of snow per minute while clearing a path 24-inches wide. Some homeowners may require something a little more beefy for extreme weather. For everyone else, a battery-powered snow blower from Snow Joe should work just fine.

The Best Heavy-Duty Snow Blower Brand: Troy-Bilt

Folks living in rural areas know just how tough it can be to dig themselves out after a storm. Long gravel driveways spell doom for shovelers and their lower backs, but Troy-Bilt can help. The brand’s three-stage snow blowers are great for long, wide driveways. These devices are also known for standing up to harsh conditions.
With a Troy-Bilt blower, users can get a head start on driveway clearing by operating mid-storm. The heated grips are a fantastic feature, while self-propelling features make it easy to glide through the snow.

The Best Bargain Snow Blowers: Ryobi

Some consumers don’t want to spend a lot of money on snow removal. If they can get ahold of basic devices that can clear a couple of nuisance inches of the wet stuff, they’ll be satisfied. While Ryobi offers some higher-end snow blowers, this line is also full of cheaper options.
At about $270, the cordless 40V Ryobi Snow Shovel will clear off sidewalks and other places where people might start slipping and sliding. What’s more, Ryobi’s $399 entry-level snowblower is capable of clearing an 18-inch path of snow up to 10 inches deep. With that being said, anything more than 6 inches is probably a little too ambitious for that particular model.

Protect Snow Blowers With Extended Warranties This Winter

Snow blowers often impress users with their ability to withstand harsh winter conditions. Still, no matter which of the snow blower brands you choose, they are vulnerable to a variety of mishaps. If they break down, homeowners will will feel confident Upsie warranty protection has them covered.
Like Toro snowblowers, Upsie is headquartered in Minnesota. Their affordable approach takes the middleman out of the picture, while also removing the need for a full replacement after a snow blower malfunctions.
Upsie makes it easy and cost-effective to protect all snow blower brands sold in the US. There is no substitute for the peace of mind that a snow blower extended warranty can provide, so don’t purchase this device without getting coverage.

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