A Quick Overview of the Withings Hybrid Scanwatch

Some people like the idea of smartwatches, but they don’t care for the futuristic display. A hybrid smartwatch looks like a traditional watch with an analog clock face. At the same time, it offers features of a smartwatch, like fitness trackers and internet connectivity.
For instance, Withings produces hybrid smartwatches with the elegant appearance of a classic watch and features of advanced smartwatches. In particular, the Withings Scanwatch has gained a lot of attention for its sophisticated appearance, long battery life, and advanced health tracking features.

What to Know About the Withings Hybrid Scanwatch

The Wired smartphone reviewer said that the Withings Scanwatch stood out from dozens of previously reviewed wearables. Most of the smartwatches end up unused after the review, but the Withings watch earned a permanent place on the reviewer’s wrist. This device stood out because it combined an elegant, classic design with long battery life and solid fitness and health monitoring tools.
With a twist of the top dial, the Scanwatch transforms from sophisticated elegance into a futuristic OLED display. At first, the display shows the date and time, but a twist reveals a display screen with metrics, including step count, heart rate, and more. The Scanwatch weighs more and feels a bit chunkier than an Apple Watch, but it’s comfortable to wear.
The Withings Scanwatch doesn’t offer as many features as the Apple Watch and some other competitors. It focuses primarily on fitness and wellness tracking, though it can offer GPS and notifications by connecting to a phone. On the other hand, many Apple Watch owners complain about battery life, and some users have reported using their Withings smartwatch for 30 days between charges.

Is The Withings Scanwatch a Good Buy?

According to PC Magazine, the Withings Scanwatch can even take EKG readings and report possible irregularities. However, this feature requires a doctor’s approval to use.
The Scanwatch also works with Android or Apple smartphones. The Scanwatch comes with a 5ATM rating for water resistance, making it a good choice for swimming but not diving. It also carries a temperature rating from 14F to 113F, so wearers should leave it home if they need to venture out during a deep freeze or scorcher.
Otherwise, this device is a bit bigger and heavier than its popular competitors. The Scanwatch retails for about $280, so it’s slightly pricey. Still, a Withings Scanwatch should appeal to people who want to wear a watch that looks sophisticated and traditional but offers advanced features, outstanding battery life, and connectivity.

Withings Hybrid Scanwatch Extended Warranties

Withings put some thought into the durable design of this hybrid watch. At the same time, the fact that users take their wearables with them for various activities makes them vulnerable to certain climate conditions, drops, and water.
With an Upsie extended warranty for Withing hybrid watches, nobody needs to worry about high repair bills or search for qualified repair services. Customers can take as long as 60 days to purchase a two- or three-year warranty. After that, Upsie offers 24-7 claims by phone, a choice of local or mail-in repairs, and broad warranty protection against accidents, wear, and unexpected defects.
Upsie sells its protection plans directly to customers, so the company can charge less than retail store competitors. Low prices and freedom from high repair bills make Upsie the premium choice for hybrid watch extended warranties. Besides Withings, Upsie also covers various smartwatch brands and many other electronic devices.

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