Learn more about smartwatch and fitness tracker warranties

Samsung Smartwatch Warranty and Insurance Options

Have you recently picked up a Samsung smartwatch? Congratulations on reaching a new level of connectedness!

A Samsung Smartwatch is the Perfect Apple Watch Alternative

Unless people are willing to exchange their phone to fit their new smartwatch, they’ll want to choose a compatible device.

Compare the Apple Watch Series 6 Versus SE Wearable Tech

Apple just rolled out the Apple Watch SE and the Apple Watch Series 6. Besides the difference in price, both watches have some similarities and a few important distinctions.

What is Google WearOS for Smartwatches?

Rebranding isn’t uncommon for businesses. Sometimes it helps broaden interest or show expanded capabilities, which is the case with WearOS from Google.

3 New Fitbit Models: Which One Is Right for You?

People are frequently searching for new ways to boost their fitness. While fitness trackers have been around for decades in the form of pedometers and GPS watches

What Is the Newest Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Samsung has just released its most advanced smartwatch yet: the Galaxy Watch3. It’s a premium device that works with Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhones, and most Android phones.

Smartwatch Showdown: Apple vs. Samsung vs. Fossil

It’s time for a good old smartwatch showdown! Just like with the smartphone wars and the console wars, there are plenty of strong opinions surrounding the question regarding Apple vs. Samsung vs. Fossil smartwatches.

Can I Get a Warranty on Used or Refurbished Smartwatches?

Purchasing a refurbished device can be a great move to save money. However, there is some risk involved because you don’t know what that device’s life was like before it ended up with you.

Fitness Tracker Extended Warranties Explained

Let me guess: you want to count your steps? Track your workouts? Monitor your health? Whatever the reason for purchasing a fitness tracker, it’s likely to improve your life in some way.

Apple Watch Warranty and Insurance Options

So you took the plunge and bought an Apple Watch. Great! That shiny little device can do a lot of cool and useful things.

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