How to Add Apps to a Sony Bravia TV in Two Simple Steps

Tech reviewers say that almost any TV in the Sony Bravia line should please most owners. In particular, Tom's Guide called the Sony Bravia XR A80J "one tantalizing TV." When comparing various Sony models, it's easy to spot a Bravia because they all have XR in their model number.
Lots of people decide to upgrade to one of these smart TVs to take advantage of available streaming content. To make the most of the internet-connected features that these sets offer, learn how to add apps to any Sony Bravia TV. These apps offer access to such content as movies, documentaries, sports, and even games.

Adding Apps to Any Sony Bravia TV

Many smartphone users will find their Sony TV sets fairly familiar. For a couple of examples, they rely upon the Android operating system and use apps to connect to various streaming services. This brief summary of the steps to install Sony TV apps should provide plenty of information to get new users started.

Installing Sony TV Apps From the Google Play Store

1. Access the Google Play Store
First, users can open the Google Play Store from the home screen of their Sony TV to find compatible apps. The home page of the Play Store has menus and a search function to make browsing and finding apps easier. The first time the TV connects to this app repository, the user will have to agree to Google's terms of service. They're fairly standard terms, but it's a good idea to read them.
2. Select an App to Install
Users can use their TV remote's directional buttons to navigate around the store. Upon landing on an app, the screen will display a highlighted title. After selecting that app by pressing the remote's enter button, the user can see a brief description, user reviews, and other information. To start installing the app, simply press the install button.
After installation, the screen will offer the user the option to open the app immediately. Otherwise, a menu option for the new app will show up on the home screen. To delete apps, the user can return to the Google Play Store to choose the uninstall option.

Installing Apps From Sony Select

Besides the Google Play Store, Sony also has its own repository of featured apps. Access this library from the Sony Select option on the TV's home screen. According to Tom's Guide, Sony features products in this collection because they are popular with other users, they were specially designed for Sony, or in some cases, because of a paid promotion.

Warranty Information For Sony Bravia Smart TVs

You can't go wrong with a high-quality and competitively priced smart TVs in the Bravia line, but it pays to protect it with an extended warranty. After all, these high-tech TV sets can offer plenty of enjoyment, but they usually represent a significant investment. And with all of the features they provide, there are plenty of things that can go wrong.
Retailers will almost always offer an extended warranty at the time of sale; however, new buyers should make sure they buy the best TV extended warranty they can find. Upsie almost always checks the correct right boxes by providing better protection, more convenient service, and lower prices.
For some examples:
  • Upsie offers 2-year, 3-year, and 5-year TV extended warranties.
  • They have 24/7 claims, either online or by calling a live agent.
  • Upsie sends certified repair specialists to you home for repairs on all TVs over 30".
  • If the TV cannot be repaired on the first claim, Upsie will provide a replacement.
  • While it's best to buy protection earlier, Upsie gives customers up to 11 months from the TV purchase to buy an extended warranty.
So, rather than buying a TV based upon its warranty, compare TV features, and then buy the warranty that offers the best coverage. Get started by selecting your TV brand and purchase price range on the TV extended warranty page. After that view the prices of Upsie's transparent TV plans. Sony produces some of the best high-tech TV sets, and Upsie offers equally as great warranties to protect them.

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