The Best Option to Get Your Television Extended Warranty

The average cost of a television in North America in 2018 was around $545. Larger, more luxury models will cost even more, with prices ranging into the thousands of dollars. With 63% of all Americans living paycheck to paycheck, a new television can be a large expense.
This is why most people look for ways to protect their investment!
Extended warranties are one of the best ways to protect a new TV. They cover the cost of repairs or replacement if your TV is damaged or doesn’t work like it should. But where can you buy a television extended warranty to get the best deal without sacrificing coverage? Here are three options, along with the pros and cons of each.

1. Never Rely on the Manufacturer’s Warranty Alone

The manufacturer’s warranty is the coverage that comes with your TV automatically when you buy it new from a retailer. These warranties are typically limited in scope, lasting for a few months to a year. They also only cover defects in craftsmanship or parts. In short, if you buy a television that’s defective from the factory and figure that out within the warranty period, the manufacturer will offer some method of repairing or replacing the part or TV.
Pros? It’s free. The manufacturer’s warranty is baked into the price of your television, so there’s no additional expense. It’s also automatic (if the manufacturer offers a warranty), so you don’t have to do anything to get this coverage.
Cons? Most manufacturer warranties only last a year. So they don’t tend to last for the useful life of a television, which can be between two and four years on average. With an Upsie extended TV warranty you increase your coverage for a total of 2, 3 or even 5 years of coverage.

2. Never Purchase a Television Extended Warranty at Check Out

Retailers may push their own warranty programs at checkout or offer a warranty from one of their partners. These warranties vary widely in price and what they cover. Upsie extends your coverage beyond the manufacturer’s one-year period for far less money than stores charge.
Pros? Store warranties are immediate. Your television has the extra coverage as soon as you walk out of the store, and you don’t have to remember to buy an extended warranty later.
Cons? Sure, you’re covered. But what, exactly, are you covered for? Unless you spent 20 minutes poring over a warranty brochure (and holding up the checkout line), you may not even know what kind of coverage you paid for. You also likely paid more than you would have with a warranty through Upsie for an overall shorter warranty period. With Upsie your term gets extended beyond the manufacturer’s warranty term, and you have up to 11 months to make the purchase.

3. Always Buy a Warranty Online From Upsie

Upsie is an experienced warranty provider offering coverage for a wide range of electronics, from laptops and smartphones to TVs. You can insure your new television by purchasing a warranty online within 11 months of your original purchase date.
Pros? Upsie puts you in charge of your coverage, and buying online means you have plenty of time to consider your options and understand the warranty. Choose from a warranty that offers two, three, or five years of protection with a $0 deductible. There are no service or repair fees, either. Upsie provides comprehensive coverage that includes burn in, mechanical failure or failure of power, screen, speaker or other sound features, and Wi-Fi.
Cons? The only con of an Upsie plan is that it doesn’t cover your TV until you buy it. So, don’t delay. Select an affordable extended TV warranty plan and lock in your coverage today.

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