Simple Solutions to Common Vizio TV Problems

CNET included one Vizio model on its curated list of good TV choices for 2022. They referred to the VIZIO M-Series Quantum X as one of the best picture for tighter budgets. Despite this manufacturer's attractive balance of price and quality, some Vizio owners may encounter issues. Thus, people who own a Vizio TV might find these solutions to common problems helpful.

Solutions to Common Vizio TV Problems

Apparently, the most common problem that Vizio TV owners have encountered has even earned its own name - the Black Screen of Death. This refers to having the screen suddenly go dark for no obvious reason.
Luckily, Lifewire offered some possible solutions that might help bring the TV's screen back to life. If not, they may help diagnose the problem. While some of these solutions may require professional assistance, typical people could solve some simple problems on their own.

Check Connections, Accessories, and Settings

First try the time-honored method of turning the set off and back on. Also, check for loose connections and power cables. To make sure cable boxes and other accessories did not cause the problem, try disconnecting them to see if the screen lights up.
If none of that helps fix the problem, users might try shutting the set off and unplugging it, pressing the power button for 30 seconds, plugging the cord back in, and then turning on the set. This forces a hard reset of the TV and might resolve issues, but it will also lose all user settings.

Check TV Components

If none of these methods help, Vizio owners might still have a chance to diagnose the problem. To get started:
  • Determine if the TV still broadcasts sound: Turn the TV set on and the volume up. If possible, try to stream a program or tune to a channel that should produce sound. If there's no sound, the problem might lie with the power board.
  • Check for any screen illumination: This test requires nothing more than shining a flashlight on the screen with the TV set turned on. If there's any visual image, that generally means the TV has a problem with one of the inverters.

How to Fix Serious Vizio TV Problems

Typical TV owners might feel comfortable resetting the TV and checking for loose connections and power cables. Beyond that, they should probably leave any diagnoses and replacement of parts to certified techs. Like all TV manufacturers, Vizio TVs come with a limited warranty that covers home use for one year and commercial use for 90 days. Still, the limited warranty only covers problems that stem from defects in either parts or workmanship.
Otherwise, Vizio owners may have to repair the TV at their own expense. Of course, they won't need to worry about unexpected repair bills for these kinds of common problems if they purchased an extended warranty from Upsie.

Why Buy a Vizio TV Extended Warranty?

An affordable Vizio extended warranty from Upsie can last for up to five years. Some highlights of these robust protection plans include:
  • Coverage for pixel and sound failure, power and connectivity problems, and mechanical issues
  • In home repairs from certified techs
  • 24-7 customer claims with real people
Besides Vizio, Upsie also warranties other brands of TVs, home theater equipment, and a variety of electronics and appliances. To get started with a TV extended warranty, select your TV brand and price paid before tax and discounts, then view details about Upsie's plans. For a small fee, Upsie can help ensure that their members enjoy a great TV experience for years in the future.

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