How an Extended Warranty Saves Money on a New TV Purchase

Most new TV buyers spend a lot of time researching their purchase and making sure they get the most for their money. Many of them wait for sales at the right time of year or take advantage of different coupons and rebates offered by a store. Upsie TV extended warranties give budget-conscious buyers the opportunity to continue saving money long after making their TV purchase.

Evolving Technology

Most top manufacturers like Samsung and LG invested heavily in Smart TV technology over the past 10 years. It’s now possible for a buyer to connect to the internet through their TV to access their favorite streaming services and applications. They’ve also made them bigger, more complex, and more fragile. Any kind of defect could end up costing someone a lot of money in repairs, especially if the damage extends to the technology supporting those features.
No TV lasts forever, so buyers also want to be sure they get their money’s worth for the life of their TV. They don’t want to end up having to buy a new TV in a year because of hardware failures or other issues. What’s frustrating is that the cost of repairs can threaten to exceed the cost of the TV, making the idea of just going out and buying a new TV very expensive.

The Benefits of an Upsie TV Extended Warranty

Upsie TV extended warranties give customers the opportunity to not lose out on their upfront savings by having to cover 100% of expensive repairs. Upsie provides coverage for periods ranging from two to five years. For example, a five-year Upsie TV insurance policy begins immediately after purchase and overlaps with the manufacturer warranty for the first year after purchase.  If the manufacturer denies a claim, Upsie will cover it as long as it is within our warranty terms. Then Upsie extends that warranty for 5 years total of coverage. That comes in handy, especially if that new TV fails soon after purchase.
Here’s a rundown of the coverage offered under Upsie TV insurance policies:
  • Mechanical failures related to manufacturer defects and failures of ball bearings, motors, computer chips, and other internal moving TV parts
  • Screen burn in for all televisions types and models including LCD, QLED, OLED, and Plasma TVs
  • Any power failures related to shorts and the need for an internal cord replacement
  • Issues with the display, including the screen resolution or dead pixels
  • Problems with the speaker and other sound components
  • Repairs for broken or non-working buttons and other controls
  • Issues with the WiFi not connecting properly or failing because of a defect

No-Hassle Repair and Replacement

Scheduling a repair can be done by calling Upsie directly or submitting a claim through the website. Upsie will send a repair technician to perform on-site repairs. All this comes included with every policy. Upsie never charges additional service fees or deductibles on TVs. The cost of labor and repairs come with the warranty purchase.
Sometimes it’s impossible for even Upsie’s league of qualified technicians to repair an issue. If the Upsie team can’t find a workable fix for a device, they offer you the choice of replacing the device or receiving a check for the purchase cost.
Upsie understands that many people are not ready to make a warranty purchase when they buy their new TV. That’s why the company gives customers up to 11 months from their purchase date to think things over and add on coverage during that period. They only require proof of purchase for the TV.

Low-Cost Warranty Plans Save You Money

Upsie warranties cost buyers less money than comparable plans offered by manufacturers like Samsung and Insignia. The company believes in the value they deliver. After all, most customers look to save money and prevent costly repairs.
Learn more about Upsie TV extended warranties by visiting their website. Upsie also answers questions online via their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

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