Is a Vizio TV Warranty Actually Worth It?

Vizio offers a wide range of TVs that promise to take your viewing experience to the next level. The award-winning SmartCast platform grants viewers access to the best streaming content while also delivering an impressive degree of control.
Beyond streaming, Vizio TVs are known for providing excellent value, especially given their high image quality. These TVs have improved significantly over the years and now represent a reliable entry point for anyone interested in joining the world of smart TVs. It's no wonder, then, that Vizio now enjoys an extremely loyal following among practical consumers who want it all but aren't willing to pay exorbitant prices.
While Vizio offers a variety of affordable options, their TVs still represent a significant investment — one that can benefit from warranty coverage. The following are a few of the most significant reasons why a Vizio Television extended warranty is worth your while:

Screen Burn-In

LCD TV owners often assume that they're safe from screen burn-in. This isn't always the case, however, as burn-in can strike most modern TVs. For example, annoying discoloration could appear after a specific image has been left on the screen for too long. Sometimes this happens when the TV is paused and then accidentally forgotten.
TV screen burn-in can often be reversed, but you might need help from a professional. If so, an extended warranty ensures that you have sufficient coverage to get the problem fixed without needing to buy a new TV.

Dead Pixels

Unsightly and downright annoying, dead pixels can quickly ruin an otherwise enjoyable viewing experience. These appear as black marks on your screen — and nothing you do on your own will make them go away.
Dead pixels are caused by failed power connections, manufacturer defects, etc. No matter the cause, you'll need professional attention to get your Vizio TV back to pristine condition. An extended warranty could cover screen repairs not provided by the manufacturer's warranty.

Power Supply Issues

Power supply problems aren't just a source of dead pixels. These issues are frustrating even when they don't lead to screen damage. While faulty outlets are sometimes to blame for malfunctioning Vizio TVs, power supplies are often the culprit.
Unfortunately, diagnosing power supply problems can be extremely difficult for ordinary users. In all likelihood, you're not confident in your ability to test or fix the power supply. Instead, you'll feel better seeking help if you already have an extended warranty.

WiFi Concerns

As mentioned previously, Vizio TVs are appealing because the SmartCast system provides such an excellent range of streaming content. What happens, then, if manufacturer defects cause your WiFi connection to suffer? If you have an Upsie extended warranty, you can rest assured, knowing that an affordable fix is right around the corner.

Affordable Warranty Coverage With Upsie

When you buy your Vizio TV, you'll have the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty from your retailer of choice. This option may seem convenient, but it is usually very expensive. Upsie offers an excellent alternative that can save you up to 70% by allowing you to ditch the middle man.
With an extended warranty from Upsie, you will receive coverage not offered with standard plans. If needed, you can get your Vizio TV fixed at a local repair shop. Otherwise, you'll enjoy the convenience of in-home repair with appointments conveniently scheduled by the Upsie reps.
Think carefully about the cost of purchasing a brand new Vizio TV. An Upsie Vizio TV warranty delivers both the protection and the peace of mind that you desire.

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