Is a PS5 Controller Warranty Worth It?

A gaming controller may seem like a small, replaceable part of a gaming setup, but avid gamers know better. Some PS5 controllers cost as little as $50, while others from premier gaming companies can cost upwards of $200! For example, the Scuf Reflex FPS costs $249.99. This may seem expensive, but for gamers who live and breathe video games, the price tag is worth it for the lightning-fast-reaction times, interchangeable triggers, and more.
High-end controllers are an investment, which means they should be as cared for and protected as possible. That’s why we recommend purchasing a PS5 controller warranty to protect your entire gaming setup.

Is a Limited Warranty Enough?

Most electronics come with a complementary manufacturer’s warranty, also known as a limited warranty. This warranty ensures you get your money’s worth and receive a fully functioning device. For example, a limited warranty for a PS5 controller might cover you if a button on your controller stops working or won’t connect to your PS5 console. However, a limited warranty does not protect your controller against any accidental damage, such as drops or liquid damage.
Suppose your controller does experience a mechanical defect within the limited warranty period. In that case, the manufacturer will repair or replace it at no cost to you. It’s important to understand the terms of your limited warranty any time you purchase a new device. This will help you ensure your controller or any other electronic is free of mechanical or parts defects.

The Benefits of a PS5 Controller Warranty

An extended warranty offers additional protection for your device. This coverage will extend the time that your device is protected and typically lasts for two to three years. In addition to keeping your PS5 controller protected longer, some warranty plans may have more comprehensive coverage.
If you’re going to purchase an extended warranty for your controller or PS5 console, you should ensure it covers accidental damage. Whereas a limited warranty only covers manufacturing defects, a warranty with accidental coverage will pay to repair or replace your device if the damage is caused by a spill, drop, or other handling mistakes.

Cons of Purchasing an Extended Warranty

With an extended warranty, you pay for the coverage upfront. In addition, having the warranty saves you money if you ever have to make a claim. If your device breaks, you may have to pay a small deductible, but it’ll be much more affordable than having to pay to replace your controller completely. In fact, with some warranty plans, you may get your money’s worth and then some on the first claim!
The only downside to purchasing an extended warranty is if your controller doesn’t break during the warranty period, and you paid for a plan you don’t use. But if your gaming sessions typically include tightly gripping your controller while you smash on the buttons, then the peace of mind that comes from knowing your whole gaming setup is protected is worth the money.

The Best PS5 Controller Warranty With Upsie

An extended warranty is only as good as its cost-saving potential. That’s why customers choose Upsie to protect all their electronics! Upsie can save customers up to 70% on their extended warranties. In addition, Upsie offers warranties on almost all devices and appliances. That means you can protect your PS5 console and controller with the same company. As a result, you can easily manage your claims.
Upsie helps customers save money. For example, a PS5 Hex Gaming Rival controller costs about $199.99. You can purchase a 2-year warranty for it for $25.99 or three years of protection for $37.99. Both plans only have a $25 deductible! If your controller ends up breaking and needs to be replaced, you’ll save over $100.
In addition to low prices, Upsie has comprehensive coverage that covers accidental damage and includes fantastic customer service. Filing a claim couldn’t be easier. If your controller breaks, you can call Upsie's claims center 24/7/365 to speak with a customer service representative or fill out the online form. Once your claim is approved, Upsie will help you schedule a repair with a local certified repair technician. Or, if you’d rather, you can mail your controller to Upsie’s repair center with free 2-day round-trip shipping.
Protecting your favorite devices has never been easier. Choose Upsie for all your extended warranty needs!

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