Do You Need an Extended PS5 Warranty?

Considering that a PS5 currently retails for $499.99, it’s definitely a purchase you want to protect. The question is, will a regular manufacturer’s warranty be enough? Or should you get an extended PS5 warranty?
To see what console protection is right for you, read on.

How Long Does a Manufacturer’s PS5 Warranty Last?

It lasts one year from the purchase date, which is par for the course for most manufacturer’s warranties.

What’s Covered with a Manufacturer’s PS5 Warranty?

In their own words, Sony Interactive Entertainment, “warrants that the PS5 hardware, which includes components contained in the retail box with this hardware, will be free from material defects in material and workmanship.”
In other words, if there’s a major issue right out of the box that results from a defect, Sony will repair or replace your PS5 with a factory-recertified product at no cost to you.

Is a Manufacturer’s Warranty Enough?

While a manufacturer’s warranty is certainly helpful, it’s not ideal for long-term protection. Here’s why.
First, it only covers the basics and isn’t comprehensive. Issues like accidental drops, spills, and cracks, for example, aren’t covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. That means you’re responsible for the repair or replacement if one of these things happens.
Also, it’s only for one year. While Sony will take care of many problems that occur within the first year of your purchase, you’re basically on your own after that. With PS5s expected to last six to seven years, it puts you in a tough spot if you encounter an issue once the one-year manufacturer’s warranty has expired.
That’s why many consumers choose to get an extended PS5 warranty.

How Long Does an Extended PS5 Warranty Last?

It varies, but Upsie offers two-year and three-year extended warranties on both new and used PS5s. Coverage overlaps with the manufacturer’s warranty as long as it’s active. Once the manufacturer’s warranty ends, full Upsie coverage kicks in. That way your console stays fully protected for up to three years.

What’s Covered with an Extended Playstation Warranty?

For starters, you get everything that’s included in a regular manufacturer’s warranty, such as defects in material and workmanship. But an extended warranty from Upsie is far more comprehensive and covers:
  • Accidental drops
  • Liquid spills
  • Broken hardware
  • Power failure, including “the blue line of death”
  • Internal cord replacements
  • Issues with volume and sound control
  • Failure of motors, gears, ball bearings, computer chips, rotors, and other internal moving parts
  • And more
This makes an extended PS5 warranty far more robust than one from a manufacturer for complete peace of mind that your investment is protected.

How Much Does an Extended PS5 Warranty Cost?

Pricing also varies, but it’s less expensive than you may think, especially if you choose a third-party provider like Upsie rather than a retailer. To quantify, Upsie plans can cost up to 70 percent less than a retailer.
For a $499.99 PS5 console in November 2020, you could get a two-year extended warranty from Upsie for $48.99 with a $25 deductible. By comparison, a similar plan cost $63 from Target and $69.99 from BestBuy. And if you wanted longer coverage, Upsie had a three-year warranty for $74.99.
When you consider the major investment that goes into this console, the cost of an extended warranty is quite reasonable. Also, note that filing a claim with Upsie is simple and straightforward. It can be done 24/7 by either filling out an online form or by calling their claims center. After, they’ll help schedule a repair or replacement so you can get back to gaming as quickly as possible.
You can learn more about how Upsie works here.

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