Best Meta Quest 2 & Pro Warranty or Protection Options

The Meta Quest 2 & Pro give you access to an entire virtual world, including some of the best games on the market. However, the devices are still vulnerable to damage. An extended warranty or protection plan can help you protect the device from accidental damage and defects.

Does the Meta Quest 2 & Pro Come With a Limited Warranty?

The Meta Quest 2 & Pro come with a limited manufacturer's warranty that lasts for 12 months and covers manufacturing defects. This protects the device from defects that could have occurred during the manufacturing process. However, not all defects will show up during the first 12 months as faulty design can take more usage to show through. Additionally, this does nothing for the occasional accident you may be prone to while exploring virtual reality and leaving the real world behind! For better assurance your Meta Quest 2 & Pro survive for years to come, we recommend purchasing a protection plan for your favorite gaming devices.

Meta’s limited manufacturer's warranty also has a number of exclusions. Here are some things that the limited warranty doesn't cover:

  • Damage from drops and falls
  • Liquid damage
  • Accidental damage
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage from misuse
  • Battery failure

Additionally, if you purchase the device from a non-authorized seller, like Ebay, the limited warranty won’t apply to your device. In addition, for the limited warranty to be valid, your device must be running the latest version of Meta-issued software.

Purchasing an extended manufacturer's warranty that covers accidental damage or a third-party comprehensive protection plan for your device adds essential protection and will guard your device from defects, battery failure, and accidental damage.

Does Meta Offer an Extended Manufacturer's Warranty for the Quest 2 & Pro?

Meta does indeed offer an extended warranty for the Quest 2 and the Quest Pro called Meta Warranty Plus. It covers new and refurbished devices (refurbished devices must be sold by an authorized retailer). The Meta Warranty Plus lasts for two years and has good service and support. It’s a good warranty that includes access to fast claims for Meta VR headsets but you must add this protection within 60 days of buying you Meta Quest 2 or Pro. And if you buy your Meta Quest 2 or Pro used, it's not eligible.

How Much Does the Meta Warranty Plus Cost?

The main downside to the Meta Warranty Plus is that the plan is so limited on how long you are covered - 2 years maximum. But who really owns an expensive gaming system for just two years? There are three different plan options: $54.99 for a refurbished Meta Quest 2, $59.99 for a new Meta Quest 2, and $159.99 for the Meta Quest Pro. The price is pretty reasonable for the Meta Quest 2, but the Pro price is just way too much!

You’ll also need to pay a deductible, which Meta calls a "service fee" with each claim. However, Meta isn’t transparent with what their deductible costs. To find how much you need to pay for the deductible, you have to enter your Order Confirmation number with your claim. This means you won’t know the deductibles until after you purchase the warranty and we can't tell you what they are either!

A better, more affordable option for protecting your Meta Quest 2 & Pro is Upsie . Upsie’s protection plans are more affordable at just $1.99/mo, straightforward about the deductible ($50) and most importantly last up to 4 years! As a result, you get longer protection for your VR headset at a better price. To compare, two-years of Upsie protection for the Meta Quest 2 would be just $47.76 and the Meta Quest Pro for two years would be the same price! You can save big time with Upsie!

Is the Meta Extended Warranty Worth the Cost?

The Meta Warranty Plus offers good coverage for your VR device. However, the cost is inflated and the length of available coverage is just half as long. Instead, it makes sense to purchase a more affordable protection plan that has the same amount of coverage and lasts longer. Upsie’s protection plans make more sense than purchasing a plan from Meta just from price alone. In addition, since you're likely to keep your device for longer than two years, it only makes sense to be able to protect it up to four years vs. Meta's two years.

Another important details is in addition to new Meta Quest 2 and Pro systems, Upsie protection plans also cover used and refurbished items as well as third-party resellers and unofficial websites. Any Meta Quest 2 or Pro that is currently working just fine, can be covered for up to 4 years AFTER you purchased the system. And then Upsie will still cover it for 4 years after you start your protection plan!

Upsie is the Best Option for Meta Quest 2 Protection

Upsie is the best protection option for the Meta Quest 2. With an Upsie protection plan, your device has comprehensive coverage needed to give you peace while playing in a VR galaxy far away. For example, Upsie’s plans protect against a range of defects and damage, including:

  • Damage from falls and drops
  • Liquid damage
  • Screen cracks
  • Dead pixels
  • Power failure
  • Speaker and sound malfunctions

Upsie is also incredibly transparent with pricing, plan terms, and coverage. You can find all of the protection plan information written clearly on Upsie’s website, including deductibles, pricing for different devices, competitor comparison charts, and repair options.

Customers can also make up to two claims per year. Once Upsie approves a claim, customers can choose to either ship the device for free to Upsie’s repair center, or take the device to a local repair shop in our nation-wide local network of vetted repair stores. Upsie makes it easy and simple to get fast (often same-day) repairs.

For the best coverage for your Meta Quest 2, choose Upsie.

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