Best Meta Quest 2 Games

When browsing through the Meta Quest Store for VR games, you’ll see endless options. From puzzle games to action adventures, VR has everything you need. Here are the best options to play on your Meta Quest 2.

Top 5 Games for the Meta Quest 2

The Meta Quest, previously known as the Oculus Quest, has thousands of popular VR games for customers. Here are five of the top-ranking VR games available for the Meta Quest 2.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter

The Room VR: A Dark Matter is an adventure puzzle game suitable for all ages. You enter the game following the disappearance of an Egyptologist and must unravel clues, puzzles, and mysteries as you discover what the Egyptologist discovered. You will explore unique locations that are brought to life inside the Meta Quest 2.

The reviews under the game claim that it is “a genuine VR must-buy.” In addition, the game is entertaining for adults, teenagers, and children and has a family-friendly rating. You can buy the game for $29.99.

Puzzling Places

VR games thrive best when they incorporate puzzles, and Puzzling Places is one of the best puzzle games on the Meta Quest 2. You will build 3D jigsaw puzzles that create real places and objects from around the world. In the game, you can customize the difficulty and choose between puzzles with 25 to 400 pieces. It’s a relaxing brain game for the whole family. You can purchase the game for $14.99.

Moss: Book II

You don’t need experience playing Moss: Book I to enjoy Moss: Book II. The game follows a tiny moss trying to save her word. You will travel through unique landscapes and beautiful terrain while solving puzzles and battling enemies. The game costs $29.99 from the Quest Store.

I Expect You To Die

I Expect You To Die is a thrilling game of espionage and deception and is rated for Everyone 10+. When you put on the headset and enter the game, you become an elite secret agent who must solve puzzles in escape rooms and defeat the evil Dr. Zor. The game costs $24.99 on the Quest store.

Red Matter 2

Red Matter and Red Matter 2 are both unique games that take place in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world. You will travel through the Solar System in a fully interactive world while solving puzzles in every corner. The game has a unique story and a beautiful environment. It costs $29.99 in the Quest Store.

Other Great VR Games

Of course, the Meta Quest 2 has access to more games, even if they didn’t make it into the top 5 list. Here are some other great games with unique stories or fun experiences.

Among Us VR

Among Us VR was released in November 2022 and was an instant success. It’s recommended for anyone above the age of 13. You will work with a team to find the “imposter” and stop them from killing your crewmates. The game relies on VR voice chat and only costs $9.99.

Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf is rated E for Everyone and is a great mini-golf game with dozens of mini-maps. You can play the game with up to 8 people, and it costs $14.99.

Beat Saber

This classic game has over 45,000 ratings and is one of the most-downloaded VR games. Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game where you slash the beats as they approach you using a lightsaber. You will work up a sweat as you swing your arms around to hit the beats. In addition, it’s a highly satisfying experience. The game costs $29.99.

The Climb 2

In The Climb 2, you will explore cities, skyscrapers, and mountainous terrain as you free-climb into the sky. Even though the game is in VR, you’ll feel like you’re hanging hundreds of feet above the ground. When you make it to the top of the climb, you can look out over a beautiful landscape. However, if you’re terrified of heights, don’t look down. This game costs $29.99.

Cities: VR

Build and manage city construction, design neighborhoods, and direct traffic in Cities: VR. In this game, you will create your own city in an immersive experience. From the Quest Store, you can purchase the game for $29.99.

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