CES 2021 Recap of Exciting New Product Announcements

Every January, tech press and industry insiders converge for an annual event where the latest and greatest tech inventions and innovations are on display. Well, every year but this one. Thanks to COVID, CES 2021 was an all-virtual affair. However, despite that limitation, all sorts of tech companies showed up in force.
Samsung was a big player this year, unveiling its Galaxy S21 lineup at CES. But other than the latest crop of smartphones, there were plenty of interesting and exciting announcements.

What Is CES?

According to the Consumer Technology Association, which runs CES (Consumer Electronics Show), the annual event is the “most influential” in the tech world. It serves as a stage for tech companies, large and small, to showcase their latest developments in the consumer space.
Basically, if you’re not Apple and you have a new product to unveil, CES is where you do it.
As a result, every year, the tech press gets inundated with the latest and greatest new ideas and products at CES.
Below are three new consumer products announced at CES that you might find enticing.

Groundbreaking TVs: New OLED TVs from LG

LG released or announced a bevy of new products at CES 2021, from smart refrigerators and smart ovens to new smart OLED TVs and even smart MiniLED TVs.
As far as new OLED TVs go, LG announced two types: the G1 series and the C1 series.
The G1 series features a gorgeous Gallery Design, with near-nonexistent bezels on all four sides. The G1 is designed to mount on the wall and can look like a piece of art when not in use. (LG isn’t the first to have this idea, but their execution is better than some competitors’.)
Available in both 77 inches and 55 inches, G1 models feature self-lit pixels for insane levels of contrast. Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos are here as well.
The C1 series is more affordable and more conventional, but it features most of the same innovations including self-lighting pixels and the Dolby technology.

A New Chromebook Experience: Samsung’s New Galaxy Chromebook 2

You probably know the drill by now, but just in case, let’s recap: Chromebook is a Google-based notebook or laptop alternative. Generally low in cost, Chromebooks historically skipped the physical hard drive in favor of cloud-based functionality. They tend to be durable, low in price and popular in education settings.
Over time, the lines have blurred some. Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebooks are essentially premium (can we say flagship?) Chromebooks. They do have SSDs, and they aren’t particularly cheap. They still have some of the limitations associated with Chromebooks (namely, being locked into Chrome OS and the associated app store). But Google (and Samsung) will tell you that’s a feature, not a limitation.
Samsung packed a lot of impressive stuff into this device, including a gorgeous 13.3-inch QLED display and Wi-Fi 6 support. The company claims 14 hours of battery life as well.
If you’re looking for an ultra-premium take on the Chromebook experience (and you understand and are OK with the associated limitations), the Galaxy Chromebook 2 is the best of the bunch.
Still, it’s worth asking the question: who is this for? Many users need more functionality than Chromebooks offer. And if you have $550 to spend on a new Chromebook, wouldn’t a midrange full-fledged ultrabook be more powerful?

Lenovo P11 Tablet

Last year, Lenovo released a tablet targeting professionals, creatives and office types called the Tab P11 Pro. It was an impressive device as far as modern Android tablets go, but the price point ($499 and up, and that’s before the keyboard and pen) put it out of reach for many Android tablet customers.
This year, Lenovo’s back with the P11 Tablet in the same form factor that targets kids and families. There are some spec trade-offs from the Pro version, but that’s to be expected for a tablet priced at $230.
The screen is a durable 2K IPS LCD touchscreen, and the aluminum chassis feels higher end than you’d expect at this price.
15 hours of battery life is impressive. That and the new Kids Space from Google make this an impressive contender for a family or kids tablet.

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