Best Peloton Classes and Instructors in 2022

One of the biggest selling points of Peloton’s products is their classes. Even though customers love the award-winning nature of Peloton’s bikes, its treadmill, and the all-new Peloton Guide, it’s the classes that keep users coming back time and time again.
The classes are part of any Peloton subscription. Between a plethora of both on-demand and live options, there’s no shortage of choices available. So, how do you choose the best? We’ve whittled down our favorites to showcase just a small handful of the top Peloton classes and instructors in 2022, starting with Robin Arzón’s famous spin workouts.

Spin Classes: Robin Arzón

Much of Peloton’s early success stems from its spin classes. Spin classes center around indoor cycling, focusing on endurance, strength, and interval training. Offering a high-intensity workout, spin classes use special stationary exercise bikes with weighted flywheels, such as the Peloton Bike and Bike+.
It’s these classes that remain Peloton’s most popular in 2022. Among the most highly rated are those taught by instructor Robin Arzón. Ultramarathon runner and former lawyer Robin is one of Peloton’s head instructors, famed for incorporating hip-hop beats into her spin classes.
She’s also the name behind a number of best-selling books and currently boasts nearly a million followers on Instagram.

Running Classes: Becs Gentry

Introduced in 2021, Peloton’s Tread treadmill provided the scope for a whole host of predominantly running-focused classes for the first time. Head instructor Robin Arzón also teaches various popular running classes, but it’s Becs Gentry that’s a standout favorite when it comes to workouts on the company’s treadmill.
Becs is a Tread training specialist, a 2:32 marathon runner, and an Olympic trials qualifier. It’s little surprise, then, that her classes are both so popular and impressive. The Olympic trials qualifier’s workouts promise to be inspiring and unpretentious, all delivered with a generous serving of humor and relatability.
A testament to both her knowledge and skills, Becs also leads separate classes as a part of Peloton’s dedicated marathon training program.

Strength-Training Classes: Adrian Maurice Williams

Various strength-training classes have also grown more popular among Peloton users recently. That’s particularly in light of the launch of Peloton’s Guide system. With weight-lifting classes and instruction currently the most in-demand, Adrian Maurice Williams is often Peloton users’ go-to.
Adrian is known for his strong emphasis on training the body’s core muscles. Even his more arms-focused and chest-centered exercises concentrate heavily on strengthening and tightening the core. It’s something that’s crucial to maintaining optimum spinal health, which itself is a cornerstone of many of the best, safest, and most effective strength-training exercises.

Yoga and Meditation: Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts

People may not realize that Peloton also offers a variety of yoga and meditation classes. Right now, some of the very best are led by Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts. Dr. Chelsea’s classes all promise to promote a positive mindset shift. That’s above and beyond the plethora of benefits that come with regular yoga classes more generally.
A former school teacher, Dr. Chelsea’s authenticity is immediately apparent as she strives to create an environment that fosters a genuine sense of belonging and accomplishment. Many of her classes also include soulful storytelling. That’s further to the musical soundtracks that are more common with Peloton’s spin, running, and strength-training workouts.

Peloton Extended Warranty

Keeping fit and healthy with Peloton involves an investment. Much of Peloton’s equipment is also notoriously complicated and expensive to fix in the event of a fault. Initial outlay aside, subscription costs and finding opportunities to fit in regular workouts are simply a necessity of the Peloton experience.
However, worries surrounding manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, and other failures shouldn’t be. In response to such concerns, Peloton sells various extended warranty solutions for its products. Yet, like their machines, these are often costly and complicated as well. They’re also time-consuming to secure and bound by an ever-growing list of terms and conditions.

Peloton Warranty Alternative

Thankfully, there’s an alternative. With an extended fitness equipment warranty from Upsie, customers lock in comparable or superior coverage with none of the fuss. In addition, Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from manufacturers and retailers, including Peloton.
Other benefits of Upsie’s extended Peloton Bike warranty and extended Peloton Tread warranty solutions include 24/7/365 claims, in-home repairs, a $0 deductible, and no service fees. Upsie also covers all parts and labor. And if a faulty Peloton cannot be fixed or it’s not cost-effective to repair, Upsie will replace it at no additional cost to the customer on the first claim.
Purchasing a Peloton warranty from Upsie is quick and easy. Policies are fully transferable, too, should customers later choose to sell their machines. And eligibility is open to all Peloton bikes and treadmills purchased in the last 11 months. Find out more at or by downloading the Upsie smartphone app for iOS and Android.

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