Is an iFit Membership Worth the Money?

How many times have people invested in fitness only to find out that they can’t stick to their exercise routines consistently enough to enjoy good results? They may attend to their workouts for a few weeks and then go for months without making it to the gym. Or maybe they stop even walking down the hall to use a home treadmill or elliptical machine.
The U.S. Military says that fitness doesn’t depend on the intensity of workouts but upon consistency. Why do people find it so hard to stick to an exercise routine?
For just a few examples:
  • It takes time and transportation to make it to the gym. Busy schedules and other responsibilities can make it far too easy to put off fitness outings.
  • Working out at home eliminates commuting to a gym. At the same time, lots of folks abandon their exercise machines because they feel bored, isolated, or unmotivated. Without the guidance of an instructor or personal trainer and the support of other class members, they may struggle to enjoy their workout and adhere to goals.

Does an iFit Membership Encourage Better Exercise Habits?

As a way to encourage a supportive, beneficial, and consistent home fitness experience, lots of folks find an iFit subscription worth the money. Access to an internet connection and connected device can bring fitness classes, community, motivation, and even a top instructor right into the member’s fitness room.
This support, leadership, and fitness education helps iFit members enjoy faster results and even more, stick to their exercise schedule. For those reasons, lots of people get a good value when they subscribe to iFit.

How Does iFit Work?

These days, some popular brands of fitness machines come with built-in, web-enabled tablets and an introductory, one-year subscription to iFit. These brands of exercise bikes, treadmills, and other equipment include such well-known names as NordicTrack and ProForm. Some features of iFit are integrated into the machines. For example, instructors can modify machine settings to match their routines or the fitness level of the member.
People without one of these machines or devices can still use the iFit app with their personal tablet or phone. For instance, the apps provide access to strength-training and cardio classes or running sessions.
Some other benefits of an iFit membership include:
  • Besides providing access to professional trainers, iFit also has a large community of users that can connect to each other through the service. People can make friends and find online exercise buddies. The Mayo Clinic says connecting with others can help people better manage stress, which is also another benefit of a regular fitness routine.
  • Users can also use the app to set goals, monitor progress, and share their achievements. This helps keep people motivated to stick to their fitness plan.
  • Users can select programs from points of interest all over the world. While trainers guide students through major cities, along famous coastlines, or up and down well-known mountain vistas, they also serve as tour guides. The ability to use iFit to travel virtually almost anywhere in the world helps keep the program engaging.

NordicTrack Versus Peloton Fitness Machines

People in the market for exercise equipment should know that the iFit membership isn’t the only contender in this space. For instance, iFit comes integrated into some brands, like NordicTrack. At the same time, Peloton machines also come with a touch-screen tablet and their own interactive exercise service.
Peloton doesn’t provide quite as many features as iFit does. As an example, iFit integrates with Google Maps, so users can select their own routes, complete with elevation data. Also, Peloton only offers manual adjustments, so live instructors can’t control the machines. Peloton machines also don’t include a free, first-year membership, and they charge more than iFit does for a subscription.
At the same time, Peloton offers live classes 24-7 and 365 days a year, plus, they’ve earned a good reputation for their program’s effectiveness. As for prices, the popular exercise bikes from Peloton may retail for slightly less than NordicTrack. After factoring in the more-expensive subscription, the Peloton will generally cost somewhat more to use.

Are Protection Plans for Fitness Machines Worth the Money?

Today’s fitness machines can do a lot more than comparable equipment from only a few years ago. Of course that means they come loaded with not just mechanical parts but also sophisticated electronics. Because broken parts or components can also interfere with consistent exercise, many people are happy they decided to buy an protection plan for their treadmill, elliptical, or bike.
Upsie offers fitness equipment protection plans for most major brands. For just $4.99/mo, members can have their machine covered against mechanical, connectivity, battery, and electronic failures. And you can get coverage for any piece of fitness equipment you bought in the last 4 years! Even better, Upsie will send certified techs to the home for repairs and they never charge a deductible. It’s also easy to view the transparent details for Upsie exercise-equipment protection plan, register a fitness machine, and get phone or online claims service.

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