Selecting Fitness Equipment for Your At Home Gym

It’s a common misconception that you need to go to a gym to get a great workout. Sure, some people may be more motivated when there are other eyes watching, but you can get just as great of a workout in your at home gym. With the time you save not having to commute, pack your gym bag and chat with friends, you might even get a better workout. If you’re trying to decide what equipment you should buy for your at home gym, keep reading below.

Invest in One Machine for a Full Body Workout

If you’re looking for a full body workout using one piece of equipment, get an elliptical machine. When you apply even force with your arms and legs, while engaging your abs and back, you will get an amazing workout. Elliptical machines are also great beginner workouts because you can start with a very light resistance. Tighten the resistance and raise the incline when you’re ready for a tougher workout. The great thing about elliptical machines is that they are low-impact so they are usable for almost anyone in any condition.
Another great option for a low-impact, full body workout is a rowing machine! Not only are they fun to do, they work so many different muscles. Upper back, triceps, lats, quads, abs, etc.

Choose a High Impact or Low Impact Machine to Work Your Legs

Legs carry us around all day, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there are multiple machines that can strengthen them. If you want a low-impact workout, try a spinning bike. With this machine, you can make your workouts as easy or as strenuous as you want. A bike like a Peloton even comes with the option to join fitness classes so you can stay motivated.
Another great leg machine is a stair climber. Within minutes, your legs will be burning! Depending on what model you get, you can increase speed, resistance and even switch up your body position so you’re working different leg muscles.
Lastly, a treadmill is a classic option for a great leg workout. On a treadmill, you can walk, jog and even do sprints. Doing a mixture of all three changes up how you’re using your leg muscles and can tone them even better. We recommend getting a model that can reach a steep incline, as well, for those who also want to tone their glutes!

Tone Your Abs by Running on a Treadmill

If you’re thinking that you’ll just run outside, ask yourself if you’ll do that when it’s snowing, raining or 90 degrees outside. You probably will not, and running is one of the best ways to tone your abs! Every time you take a stride, you are engaging your entire core. Well, as long as you’re running with proper form. If you do plan to go the treadmill route, make sure that the machine is sitting on flat ground and check your treadmill belt regularly to make sure it’s tight. Treadmills have some very common breaking issues. If you don’t want to worry about treadmill maintenance, consider getting an Upsie warranty. When your machine malfunctions from use, simply call the 24/7/365 claims line and they’ll get your machine back in working order!

Strengthen Your Arms without a Fancy Machine at Home

Getting a machine for your at-home gym will give you a way to hammer out a workout without putting much thought into it. However, if you can’t afford a machine, or maybe just want a wider variety of exercises, make a couple smaller investments. Dumbbells and bands are really all you need to get a great arm workout. There are a plethora of resources demonstrating dumbbell exercises and band exercises. Take advantage of these free resources to help tone your arms.

Work your Back in Many Different Ways

Another small investment is a pull up bar. As far as strengthening your back goes, nothing really beats pull ups. If you can’t do a pull up, put a chair under the pull up bar and support some of your weight by putting your legs on the chair. Additionally, when you max out on reps, use the chair to get a few more assisted ones in. As mentioned earlier, a rowing machine is another great way to work your back and lats. If you put a nature video on the TV, or throw on some VR goggles, you could even pretend that you’re rowing outside.
Setting up and actually using your at home gym is so rewarding. This is especially true when you have the correct equipment at your disposal. Whatever equipment you decide is best for you and your Upsie warranty, make sure take care of it. After all, a broken machine means no workouts. We recommend wiping them down often and purchasing a warranty for your higher-priced cardio machines.
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