Ready to Ride into Fitness: NordicTrack and Peloton Bikes

Two of the bigger names today in fitness equipment are NordicTrack and Peloton. Both brands offer a variety of fitness equipment that have the power to change your fitness and your life. Their bikes are the cream of the industry crop. The question comes down to which one is best for you? Once you determine your budget for your new stationary bike, it will help to compare and contrast the contenders.
Once you make an investment in your health, remember to protect it with an Upsie fitness warranty. Both companies focus on designing, building and delivering quality for general exercisers, fitness enthusiasts and athletes, but problems sometimes arise with any piece of equipment, no matter how strong the quality. The only thing that matters is that you have adequate coverage to restore your stationary bike to perfect running order, so you can exercise for your health or train for a bicycle tour.

Take a Tour of the Two Top Bikes on the Market: NordicTrack and Peloton

Indoor cycling has become increasingly popular over the past few decades due to its convenience, accessibility and flexibility. And who doesn’t want the fitness of a Tour de France cyclist? NordicTrack and Peloton have tapped into this growing trend that sees people choosing high-quality indoor cycles over a standard stationary bike for under $500. As you will see, these brands offer a unique and road-like experience for cycling enthusiasts, regardless of their fitness level or goals.
Both bikes are stacked with features that provide the rider with a simulation of the classroom experience that gets your heart pumping and your legs burning.

The NordicTrack Indoor Cycle Offers a Variety of Features

NordicTrack is one of the top indoor cycles on the market, which is in part due to familiarity since NordicTrack bikes have been in the market since 1975. However, the brand’s fitness equipment has come a long way in over 45 years. The newest bike, the S22i, offers exercisers and athletes a stylish design and delivery that features colors and a 21″ HD touchscreen.
Explore a few additional features that riders love:
  • Interactive classes
  • Smoother design than older models
  • 22″ HD screen swivels 360 degrees horizontally
  • Well-positioned handlebars, flywheel and saddle
  • Weight capacity of 350 lbs
  • Magnetic braking
  • 22 resistance levels with incline and decline movement for downhill simulation
  • 2 water bottle holders on board
  • 3 lb arm workout dumbbells
  • Large fan installed in the console
  • Compatible clip-in pedal

Where Does NordicTrack Fall Short?

The NordicTrack has a few shortcomings, including its lack of tray for personal items and its complex assembly (though you can choose an indoor delivery and assembly option at the time of purchase).

The Peloton Indoor Cycle Has Plenty to Offer Cycling Fans

If the Peloton indoor cycle has caught your eye, take a look at some of the best features:
  • Live virtual instruction available with the purchase of the Peloton bike
  • 21.5″ HD touchscreen
  • Weight limit of 305 lbs
  • Manually controlled magnetic flywheel
  • Rider controlled resistance levels
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Performance metrics let riders know how their workout is going as they are exercising
  • Different workout styles, routes and other options
  • Comes with clip-in pedals with option to purchase special Peloton-designed cycling shoes

What Does Peloton Lack?

It is crucial to look at Peloton’s omissions and flaws to help you make the best decision for your fitness:
  • It is more expensive than NordicTrack when you add in the cost of the yearly and monthly subscription
  • The screen doesn’t rotate
  • Dumbbells not included
  • It comes with an additional monthly fee
  • Does not come with a tray for the personal items
  • No fan included

The Breakdown Between Peloton and NordicTrack Bikes

Both bikes have much to offer fitness and cycling lovers. They both offer you the opportunity to exercise from your home in cool or warm comfort, depending on the season, and access to premier virtual online classes with elite instructors. These factors alone can change the dynamics of your workouts, giving you the chance to stay specifically fit during the harsh winter months when temperatures dip below zero. The deciding factor might come down to personal taste and what each company offers in terms of its extended warranty protection.

Get Ample Warranty Protection to Keep Your Stationary Bike Ready for Daily Rides

You are fortunate if you find a fitness activity that you love enough to do each day, so you should invest in protecting your equipment. With all the complex parts, it is important that you consider investing in an Upsie warranty, so you and your exercise bike can stay fit and moving.
Contact the Upsie team to learn more about the many fitness equipment brands covered!

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