The Best Sonos Speaker Extended Warranty

Whether you’re shopping for surround-sound speakers to add to your home theater or a portable speaker you can take to the beach, Sonos has you covered with a wide range of audio products. Their portable speakers are popular options for listeners on the go since they have high-quality sound and are durable for an affordable price. And though many of their speakers are water- and drop-resistant, like the Roam and Move speakers, any speaker is prone to damage. So after investing in a quality portable speaker, it may be a good idea to also purchase a Sonos speaker extended warranty.

Sonos Manufacturer Warranty

Like most devices, Sonos speakers come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty. This 1-year warranty plan protects your speaker from defects in materials and workmanship. Basically, it ensures that you get your money’s worth and that your speaker is working as intended, at least for the first year. However, it does not protect your speaker from accidental damage, like drops and water submersion.
So if you drop your speaker and it stops working, the manufacturer’s warranty would not cover the repair or replacement. However, if your Sonos speaker stops charging or won’t turn on, that might be covered.

Benefits of an Extended Warranty

An extended warranty is exactly as it sounds. It’s extended coverage for your device that will last longer than the original warranty. Depending on the warranty plan, it may also include more comprehensive coverage and protect your device against accidental damage. Extended warranty plans are a great way to save money by not having to pay expensive repair or replacement fees if the speaker breaks. It also gives you peace of mind to use your speaker freely without worrying about it breaking.

Sonos Warranty Options

Most electronics retailers will offer an extended warranty plan that you can purchase when you buy your Sonos speaker. For example, if you buy a Sonos roam speaker for $179.99 from Best Buy, you can include 4-years of Geek Squad Protection for $34.99. This may seem like a great deal, but it doesn’t include accidental damage protection. In addition, it will only cover your device if it breaks due to mechanical or manufacturing defects.
Similarly, Walmart offers Walmart Protection Plans by Allstate for the same speaker. A 2-year plan costs $16, and a 3-year plan costs $22. Like Best Buy’s Geek Squad Protection, Walmart’s warranty only covers mechanical defects and damage from normal wear and tear. That means any damage caused by spills or drops would be your responsibility.

Upsie’s Sonos Speaker Warranty

Upsie has the most comprehensive and affordable Sonos speaker warranty plans. For example, a $179 Sonos Roam could be covered for two years for $25.99 or three years for $37.99, both plans with a $25 deductible. While this may be a couple of dollars more than Best Buy or Walmart’s plan, Upsie’s Sonos warranty protects your device from more types of damage, whether it’s accidental or mechanical. This includes damage caused by spills, drops, and more!
In addition, Upsie never charges hidden fees, even if the speaker needs to be replaced. Simply go to and buy your Sonos speaker warranty within 60 days of purchase.
If you’re looking for a non-portable Sonos speaker warranty, like a TV soundbar, Upsie offers that, too. These warranties do not cover accidental damage because the speaker doesn’t move. In turn, the plans cost less than portable speaker plans.
To continue, filing a claim with Upsie couldn’t be easier. You can fill out an online form or call Upsie's claims center 24-7-365 to speak to a customer service representative. Once your claim is approved, you can take it to a local certified repair technician for a quick fix or send it to Upsie’s repair center with free 2-day round trip shipping. If the technician can’t repair your device on the first claim, Upsie will replace it. In addition, if it can’t be repaired on subsequent claims, Upsie will refund the remaining amount in your plan to help pay for a new speaker.
There are many Sonos speaker warranty options, but Upsie beats out competitors with their comprehensive coverage, affordable price, and friendly customer service. Extended warranties have never been simpler.

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