A Quick Guide to the Sonos Beam TV Soundbar Setup

TV manufacturers have made tremendous strides in their ability to deliver high-quality video to consumers. But, sadly, television audio has not kept up with TV video. Because of size limitations, even expensive TVs usually only come with mediocre speakers. To improve user experience, many people pair speakers or soundbars with their TVs.
The Sonos Beam soundbar offers TV buffs the chance to boost the sound quality and connect with other devices and services.

Is the Sonos Beam a Good TV Soundbar?

TechRadar praised the Sonos Beam for its compact design, superb sound, and connectivity options. However, as an entry-level soundbar, the Beam lacks Dolby Atmos. Still, it connects with intelligent home systems like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. In addition, it can connect to devices in other rooms and is easy to set up and use.
Expect to find the Sonos Beam for sale from about $400 to $500, depending upon the retail source. Because of sales, Sonos currently offers a lower price than many major retailers, but that can vary through the year, so compare prices before buying.
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How to Setup a Sonos Beam TV Soundbar

The simplicity of the Sonos Beam setup stands out as one of its best features. Sonos offers step-by-step instructions for installing the device on the company’s website. Users will need the Beam soundbar and an Android or iOS mobile device to get started.
Begin the process by downloading and installing the S2 mobile app on the device. Then place the soundbar in the desired position and plug it into a power source. Then use the app to:
  • Setup an entirely new Sonos system: Click “Setup a new system” and then add and follow the prompts to set up the product. The app will offer instructions, including how to connect with smart home assistants.
  • Add to an existing Sonos system: Click Add Product from the System menu and follow the instructions.
Most people should find the app simple to use. But, occasionally, the system cannot find the device, or the system appears to connect but doesn’t produce any sound. Sonos also offers a help system to resolve issues. Besides TV sets, the Sonos Beam also works with Alexa streaming devices, like Fire TV.

Do TV Soundbars Need Extended Warranties?

Speakers like the Sonos Beam look simple enough to install and connect. Indeed, the app will guide the user through the steps, and most people praise the easy setup that this product offers. That’s remarkably high praise because the Beam works as a speaker, a streaming device, and a connection to intelligent home systems.
In other words, plenty of technology sits inside the stylish case of the soundbar. Mechanical, electronic, or electronic components must work together flawlessly to produce the excellent experience that users enjoy most of the time.
Upsie customers don’t need to worry about investing hundreds of dollars in high-quality TV speakers because they can call upon their TV speaker warranty for help if anything fails to perform as it should.

Why Upsie Offers the Best TV Speaker Warranty Protection

Upsie offers the best TV speaker warranties. First, because Upsie sells directly to consumers rather and going through a middleman, customers can save up to 70 percent on the cost of coverage when compared to warranty costs from retailers and manufacturers.
In addition, Upsie ensures that customers have control over their coverage. As a result, customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the soundbar without worrying about a deductible.
Upsie provides its customers with 24-7 claims by phone, home visits from certified technicians, and robust coverage against various types of damage for far less money than other warranty providers.

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