Sport & Outdo Mifo S True Wireless Earbuds

In the world of truly wireless earbuds, so many companies are throwing their hats in the ring. Sport & Outdo’s entry is the Mifo S. How do they compare with others on the market?

Sport & Outdo Mifo S Sport Earbuds Basics

If the name doesn’t confound you, perhaps the design style will. The new Sport & Outdo Mifo S true wireless earbuds are a unique product. These tiny sport earbuds are covered with words with bright green accents, with one end pointed and the other end rounded. They look like they belong in a sci-fi movie. The funky design may not appeal to everyone, but they were designed especially for sports enthusiasts.
These sport earbuds come equipped with:
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Auto pairing
  • Strong noise cancellation, mild, and transparency modes
  • Sleep mode
  • IPX7 waterproof (sweat, heavy rain, and shower proof)
  • Three sets of ear tips
  • Charging cord
  • Case
Some key features are that they are lighter than a piece of paper (3.5g), and they fit snugly so that you can wear them for sleep. The Sport & Outdo Mifo S also includes six microphones with noise-canceling technology. But if you want to hear your environment, you can turn it off.

Sport Earbuds More Features

Although the company boasts 40+ hours of battery life, testers saw far less before needing to charge them (average of 4 to 6 hours). The charging and storage case is a circular pod that is well constructed and heavy. It, too, is covered by words. Two LED lights inside indicate the battery life left in each earbud.
The tiny design fits squarely in the ear and stays put even during rigorous workouts or sleeping on your side. They are also coated with waterproofing. You can wear them in the rain, while exercising, and even in the shower. The problem with wearing them during sleep is that the battery life is too short. Most people will sleep longer than 4-6 hours, and that’s about the extent of a single charge.
The packaging is very sleek and looks high quality. Along with the green logo version, users have the option to purchase other colors:
  • Black
  • Teal
  • Dark green
  • White/Blue
  • Black/Sports green
These sport earbuds are super easy to pair with most devices. However, the case does not offer fast charging. These tiny, lightweight earbuds are suitable for sports and other high-energy activities but not for sleep.

What About the Sport & Outdo Mifo S Warranty?

Sport & Outdo Mifo S earbuds are definitely an interesting option when it comes to headphones for working out. Users don’t mention much about the quality of calls, music, and gaming with this pair. However, the Mifo S earbuds aren’t cheap. For example, you can buy them directly from the dealer for around $140. And the regular price is around $170.
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