MSI Gaming Laptops: GE76, GS66 and MS1 Stealth 15M

Just recently, MIS celebrated its 35th anniversary as a company by announcing a significant upgrade to its line of gaming laptops. Most importantly, they will debut improvements for graphics and performance in the GE76, GS66, and Stealth 15M. Find out what’s new with these gaming laptops and the best way to buy an MSI gaming laptop extended warranty.

What Are the New Features for GE76, GS66, and MS1 Stealth 15M Gaming Laptops?

TechRadar noted the MSI debut of the Nvidia RTX 30 series of graphics processing in their high-end gaming laptops. To learn more about how each of these computers compare, read these brief summaries:


MSI says the GS66 Stealth can deliver both graphics and video to make games playable in 4K. The base level comes with the RTX 3060, but buyers can also upgrade to an RTX 3080 Max-Q. The GS66 also includes an Intel Gen 10 Core I7 processor and either a 15.6-inch, 240Hz or a 300Hz FHD screen. Expect a starting retail price of just under $1,800.


The GE76 has somewhat similar basic specs as the GS66. The latest Raider Dragon Edition features an engraved design inspired by the goddess named Tiamat. The lid’s paired with an attractive LED bar around the front. It also comes with an RGB keyboard that’s easily customized. Expect prices to begin at about $1,500.

Stealth 15M

The Stealth 15M can claim a couple of distinctions:
  • It’s the only gaming laptop with Intel’s Gen 11 H35 mobile processors.
  • It’s also extremely thin for a gaming laptop, with a thickness of just .63 inches.
Expect to see prices starting at $1,399.

Why Buy Extended Warranties for MSI Gaming Laptops?

The arguments for buying an extended warranty for a gaming laptop extend to Alienware, Asus, and plenty of other manufacturers too. These manufacturers all have solid reputations for building high-quality, cutting edge products. At the same time, the very portability of a gaming laptop can make it more likely to get damaged.
Typically, manufacturer warranties, like the MSI laptop warranty, only last for 12 months. Besides, they mostly center around ensuring that the devices get delivered without defects in parts or builds. They’re not meant to cover the typical problems that enthusiastic gamers will tend to run into over the course of using their machines for several months to years.
Popular gaming laptops have to deliver more performance and better graphics than average, off-the-shelf computers for school or even most businesses. That means that even low-end gaming laptops generally cost over $1,000, and the innovative devices generally cost hundreds to thousands of dollars more than that. It only makes sense to protect an investment like that with a good warranty.

Why Upsie Offers the Best MSI Gaming Laptop Warranty

Gamers tend to expect innovative products, and that’s exactly what Upsie delivers with its warranty protection plans for gaming laptops. New owners can register their device entirely online, and they have up to 60 days after the purchase to do it. Even more, Upsie offers 24-7 phone or online claims with live representatives.
After filing a claim, laptop owners can work with their representative to find a certified local shop or request a prepaid mailer to let Upsie handle it. Instead of worrying about high warranty prices or surprise service fees, Upsie charges lower plan prices and only asks for a $25 deductible for repairs.
And Upsie doesn’t just cover factory defects. Instead, it will also help pay for repairs because of liquid spills, drops, bumps, broken or unresponsive screens, poor connections, shorts, and so much more. Just visit the MSI gaming laptop warranty page to view Upsie’s transparent prices and coverage details.

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