The Simplest Way to Responsibly Winterize a Lawn Mower

Using and maintaining a lawn mower during the summer can impact its performance and lifespan. But, just as important, proper maintenance and storage for winter can make a big difference in the lifespan of the mower. Learn the best way to winterize a lawn mower to ensure it runs as well in the spring as it did in the fall.

The Basics of Winterizing a Lawn Mower

On the positive side, just a few simple steps can ensure the mower performs like new after months of storage. Here’s how to prepare your lawn mower for winter.

1. Clean the Mower’s Deck

A lawn mower’s deck refers to the part that protects the engine and the user from blades and any yard debris that the blades might fling around. According to Consumer Reports, users should make a habit of keeping this area clean to preserve performance. It’s particularly important to attend to this task before stowing the machine away for several months. Otherwise, moisture and contaminants can cause premature corrosion.
To safely clean around the blades, take these steps first:
  • Remove the battery from electric mowers.
  • Disconnect spark plug wires on gas-powered models.
A couple of sprays from the hose might prove sufficient to clean fresh grass and dirt. If not, put on gloves to protect your hands and fingers from the blades. Then, remove the grime with a pot scrubber or similar implement. After cleaning, use a rag to dry the deck off as much as possible.

2. Winterize a Lawn Mower for Winter Storage

The type of lawn mower determines the best way to prepare it for winter. In most cases, that consists of ensuring the source of fuel or power does not cause a problem. For instance:
  • Gasoline mowers: If storing the mower in a basement or with only a little fuel left in the tank, empty the gas. This prevents potential problems and safety hazards. If stored in a shed, adding a gasoline stabilizer will prevent fuel system problems.
  • Battery-powered mowers: Take out the battery and store it in a temperature-controlled environment. Typically, batteries last longer when stored at temperatures that range between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

When’s the Best Time to Shop for New Lawn Mowers?

The Spruce advised its readers to shop for a new lawn mower when most people have other purchases on their minds. When people start prepping their lawn mowers for winter storage, local or online retailers probably want to reduce their inventory.
Discounts and deals on lawn mowers should last through the winter and into early spring. This previous Upsie article offers more details about the best time of year to buy a new mower.

Who Needs a Lawn Mower Extended Warranty?

With maintenance, high-quality lawn mowers can last up to a decade. While professional repairs usually average about $100, some services may cost more than a new mower. Instead of paying for repairs upfront, purchase an extended warranty.
Upsie offers the best options for lawn mower extended warranties and will ensure that the machine stays in the best shape possible. Upsie’s extended warranties for lawn mowers cover mechanical and power failures and cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from competitors. In addition, if repairs don’t make sense, Upsie will replace the broken lawn mower with a new one.
Get started by checking the Upsie lawn mower warranty page for clear coverage information and prices.

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