When is the Best Time of Year to Buy a New Lawn Mower?

What’s the best time of year to buy a new lawn mower? Timing almost any purchase to the right season can make it easier to find deals. For instance, lots of stores and manufacturers reduce prices for electronics during the holiday and back-to-school seasons. Similarly, auto dealerships may discount this-year’s vehicles right before they plan to introduce next year’s models.
In contrast, Consumer Reports says shoppers should look for lawn mower sales in the spring. Consumers might also find some good deals in the fall. Anybody planning to buy a new mower should probably consider buying either right before or right after the season when people in their area tend to use mowers the most. In the height of the summer, lots of people tend to need mowers, so retailers don’t have as much motivation to put them on sale.

Are Lawn Mowers Hard to Maintain?

Most people plan to invest in a high-quality lawn mower that they will use for years. According to Angie’s list, a decent mower should last about seven to ten years. Of course, some cheaper mowers aren’t meant to last that long. It’s always wise to balance the purchase cost against the expected lifespan of the model.
Anybody who plans to remain in their home and keep mowing the grass for decades in the future will probably save money in the long run by investing in a better mower. During the height of the growing season, homeowners may need to rely upon their machine every week to keep their grass neatly manicured. A better mower should last longer and make mowing easier.
Upsie suggests performing some preventive maintenance tasks that can help extend the mower’s useful life. For instance, replace spark plugs and air filters at the end of each growing season. And before stowing the mower away for the winter, it’s prudent to drain gas and oil.

How to Protect Lawn Mowers Against Major Damage

Some lawn mower repairs don’t cost that much. Typical professional repairs tend to average about $100. On the other hand, damage to the shaft that runs between the mower’s engine and blades may cost more to fix than the purchase price of the lawn mower. After investing in a high-quality mower, it’s also a good idea to consider buying a lawn mower extended warranty.

Why Does Upsie Offer the Best Lawn Mower Warranty Plans?

Not only will an Upsie warranty pay repair bills, it will also ensure access to high-quality repair services. For instance:
  • Upsie members can file claims 24-7 by phone or online and get work done by a nearby certified repair shop.
  • If customers already have a relationship with a shop that’s not on the list, they can also request services from there.
  • In the rare event that lawn mower repairs don’t make sense, Upsie will even replace the mower with a new one.
Even better, Upsie offers its extended warranties for lawn mowers bought within the past 60 days, so there’s no reason to rush into a hasty decision at the sales counter. Just save the receipt to register the lawn mower online. The mower protection plan covers mechanical, power, and cooling system problems and doesn’t require any extra service fees or even deductibles.
Get started by visiting the Upsie lawn mower extended warranty page, answering a few questions, and then viewing full plan details, warranty options, and prices. Upsie also offers low-cost, comprehensive protection plans for other outdoor equipment, appliances, and electronics. Spend some time choosing the right lawn mower and then make an easy choice to protect it with an Upsie extended warranty!

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