Asurion Versus Upsie Technology Insurance

Asurion is an insurance agency that protects devices like smartphones, as well as laptops, headphones, etc. Smartphone protection plans cannot be purchased directly through them; instead, they must be purchased through retailers. Some of these retailers include major cell phone carriers like Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, and retailers like Walmart, Home Depot and Staples. Despite having an impressive resume, is Asurion really the best device insurance you can get? We’ll explore how their insurance protection works and compare them to leading competitor, Upsie.

What does Asurion insurance for phones cover?

Asurion phone insurance is sold through cell phone carriers and not through Asurion directly. Because of this, coverage may vary slightly depending on where you purchase it. In general, their insurance plans extend the manufacturer’s warranty and provide accident protection. Water damage and other liquid damage are included in accident protection, as well as cracked screens from drops.

What damage does Asurion cover?

Water submersion, spills and other accidental water damage is typically covered in Asurion plans. Some plans also include loss and theft protection. If your phone is broken and you’re not sure if the damage is covered, start a claim to find out.

Does Asurion cover broken screens?

Accidental damage, like broken screens, is typically included in Asurion smartphone insurance plans. However, the exact terms may vary. Contact the retailer you purchased the insurance plan through to see and review your plan’s terms.

Where can I get Asurion phone insurance?

Asurion phone insurance is available at a number of retailers. Some retailers include:
  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • Sprint
  • Cricket Wireless
  • US Cellular
Before purchasing insurance from Asurion, make sure to explore other options like Upsie smartphone insurance. Upsie plans tend to cost less for the same level of coverage. It’s a great option for anyone looking to save money on their plan, save time figuring out what is covered and save time making a claim. In a nutshell, Upsie is a fabulous alternative to Asurion smartphone protection.

Does Asurion cover lost phones?

Coverage from Asurion varies based on the carrier that you purchase it through. Whether phone loss and theft are covered also depends on the level of protection that you purchase through the retailer. According to online forums, if your phone is lost, Asurion does not blacklist it.

Is Asurion the best phone insurance option?

No, we do not believe that Asurion is the best phone insurance option. Why? Because Upsie is better. Upsie stands out from Asurion in three main areas: price, convenience and service. To begin, the Galaxy S20 costs $999.99. A two-year warranty plan from Upsie costs $139.99. T-Mobile Device Protection through Asurion for the same phone is $12.99 per month or $311.76 for two years of coverage (as of 3/22/2022). That’s a difference of $171.77! Furthermore, Upsie plans are purchased and managed online. They don’t hide plan details or deductibles, either. Everything is clearly explained and easy to find. Lastly, Upsie’s customer service representatives are easy to get in contact with via phone, email or social media. There are never long wait times and you won’t have to communicate with bots.

How does Asurion phone insurance work?

Asurion provides retailers and cell phone carriers with insurance plans. The retailers and cell phone carriers mark up the plans and then sell them to you when you purchase a new phone. When your device breaks, you will file a claim and communicate with Asurion, rather than your cell phone carrier, to get your claim taken care of. Once you get in contact with them, they will collect a deductible and arrange for repair. As stated on their website, every claim is different so there is not one set deductible or a specific number of claims that you can make per plan.

What does Refurbished by Asurion mean?

When a phone breaks beyond repair, a replacement is often issued. Asurion refurbishes used smartphones and often sends them as replacement phones rather than new phones. Refurbished by Asurion is the general name for these refurbished phones.
Asurion insurance plans are widely used, but are certainly not the best option when it comes to smartphone insurance. Upsie’s smartphone plans are top quality for a lower price than competitors. Check out Upsie’s smartphone plans or contact them to learn more.

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Updated 3/23/2022

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