Is Smartphone Insurance Worth the Cost?

Statistica states that only 25%-40% of Americans purchase insurance on their phones, depending on their income. They also show, however, that 45% of smartphone owners will damage their phone at some point in time. This means there are countless smartphone owners every day who find themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of owning a broken phone that isn't covered under any insurance or warranty. At Upsie, we want to help you avoid this painful predicament by discussing the value of smartphone insurance and detailing how we make it easier and more affordable than ever before to insure your expensive yet fragile phone.

Is My Phone Insured?

Unless you have directly purchased insurance on your phone, it is unlikely to be insured. While your phone's manufacturer may offer to repair certain factory defects, owning an uninsured phone means that you will be on the line for accidental damages. These damages include broken screens, water damage and more.

What Does Phone Insurance Cover?

Before you purchase smartphone insurance, it's first important to make sure that you are purchasing a comprehensive plan that will cover all manner of damages that your phone might incur. Upsie, industry-leading smartphone warranties cover both hardware damage caused by accidents, such as dropping your phone, as well as any software issues that might have rendered your phone inoperable or factory defects that might have been present in your phone when you first bought it. In other words, if your phone is accidentally damaged, Upsie will be there to cover the repairs.

Can You Get Insurance on a Phone After You Buy it?

Yes! At Upsie, we make it easy for smartphone owners to purchase insurance on their phones after purchase. You can purchase an Upsie comprehensive insurance plan for both new, old, and used phones as long as the phone is in good working condition.

Can You Get Insurance on a Used Phone?

Once again, the answer is a resounding yes! Whether you purchased a brand new phone or a factory refurbished phone, you are eligible for the affordable and all-encompassing extended warranties that we offer at Upsie.

How Much is Phone Insurance?

The price that you pay for a smartphone extended warranty will depend both on the smartphone that you own as well as the company that you are purchasing insurance from. At Upsie, we cut out the middleman to help make it more affordable than ever to purchase insurance on any number of smartphone models. Everyone should be able to afford insurance on their phones; the higher markups charged by other phone insurance providers are simply unnecessary. That's why we always strive to keep our prices as low as possible, while offering the same amount of coverage with lower deductibles.

What is the Best Insurance for Mobile Phones?

The best insurance for mobile phones is an affordable plan that covers all manner of accidental damage and defects. At Upsie, our smartphone subscription warranties are the most cost-friendly and comprehensive plans on the market today, making the best insurance for mobile phones a clear and obvious choice.

Does Mobile Insurance Cover Water Damage?

While most newer phones are at least somewhat water-resistant, water damage isn't quite yet a thing of the past. Thankfully, Upsie mobile insurance plans cover all types of damage, including damage due to water.

Are Cracked Screens Covered Under the Extended Warranty?

Among Upsie customers, 75% have accidentally dropped their phone resulting in cracked screens or other damage, which is the most common issue that smartphone owners run into. Those who have purchased an extended phone warranty through Upsie, though, can rest assured that their phone is covered if they happen to crack its screen.

Who can I Contact if I Have More Questions?

If you would like to learn more about the incredible value offered by our smartphone extended warranties, we invite you to contact us today. A friendly and knowledgeable Upsie representative will be happy to answer any questions that you might have and help you choose the best insurance plan for you.

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