What is the Best Phone Insurance with Accident Protection?

In the modern world, smartphones have become essential equipment. Because you need to be able to use this phone on a daily basis, you want to know that it will be protected in the event of an accident. Your standard phone warranty may offer a small amount of coverage, but you can get better protection with Upsie’s smartphone extended warranty with accident protection.

What does a manufacturer’s phone warranty cover?

Each phone manufacturer determines what their warranty will cover and how long the warranty will last.
In most situations, manufacturer warranties will not apply in cases where damage to the phone was preventable. For example, if you drop your phone and crack the screen, it is likely that your manufacturer warranty won’t apply. To get protection in these situations you will need to buy extra coverage like Upsie’s extended warranty with accident protection.

Should you buy an extended warranty for a cell phone?

When you purchase your cell phone, you may be offered an “extended warranty.” Unlike the standard warranty, which is included in the phone’s purchase price, the extended warranty will require you to pay an extra fee. The extended warranty provides coverage and services not included in the standard warranty. They give your device extra protection.
Upsie’s extended warranty saves you up to 70% versus those offered by big box stores. Their extended warranties provide extra coverage like protection from accidents such as drops and spills. Accidental coverage is not included in the standard manufacturer warranty. In most cases, you can get your phone quickly repaired at a local certified repair facility, or even the Genius Bar (for iPhones). To determine whether you should purchase an extended warranty, consider the benefits the warranty offers versus the cost to replace your phone.

How long are cell phones usually covered under manufacturer warranty?

Each cell phone manufacturer determines how long their phones will be covered under the included warranty. Standard manufacturer warranties last for at least 90 days, but some extend up to one year.
Upsie’s extended warranties with accident protection last for two years and provide more coverage than a manufacturer warranty.

Can you buy an extended warranty after purchase?

In most cases, you will have a specific amount of time after the purchase of your cell phone to buy an extended warranty. Upsie offers extended warranties for cell phones within 120 days of the device’s purchase date.

How much should an extended warranty cost?

The cost of extended warranties for cell phones varies by provider. Service fees and deductibles may also apply. Be sure to research the full cost of extended warranties carefully before choosing to make a purchase.
When compared to other providers, Upsie offers extended warranties at a much lower price. The exact price of your warranty will depend on which cell phone you want to insure. Even so, Upsie’s prices are often less than half the price charged by big-box competitors.

How does a cell phone extended warranty work?

Cell phone extended warranties, also called protection plans, cover certain types of damage or device failures for a specific amount of time. The warranty might include a limited number of claims or incidents during its coverage period. You may have to pay a service fee and/or deductible when filing a claim. In most cases, these fees would be lower than what you would pay for repairs or replacements without the protection plan.
If you purchase an extended warranty from Upsie, it will overlap with the manufacturer warranty and take over coverage after it expires. If your cell phone is damaged at any time during the coverage period, you can make a claim 24/7/365. Simply call the Upsie service center or fill out the online form located in your account.

Is it worth it to repair a cell phone?

Purchasing a new cell phone costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Repairs, on the other hand, will cost much less, especially if you have a protection plan. If your cell phone model is not outdated, repairing damage is usually in your best interest.
In fact, if you have coverage from Upsie, you will pay only a small deductible. The rest of your expenses will be covered..

Will the warranty cover cell phone replacement?

Standard manufacturer warranties cover cell phone replacement when device failure occurs, as long as you didn’t cause the damage. For example, if your new cell phone malfunctions soon after purchase, the manufacturer will typically repair or replace it. If you drop it, the manufacturer will not help you.
Some extended warranties may also cover cell phone replacement, depending on their terms. With coverage from Upsie, the replacement of your cell phone will be covered if repair is not feasible.

Are cell phone protection plans worth it?

If you own an expensive cell phone, purchasing a cell phone protection plan can be beneficial. However, it is important to investigate the level of coverage thoroughly so you ensure you are getting a good deal. Upsie offers comprehensive coverage at a low price, making our extended warranties well worth the investment.
Upsie also includes accidental damage protection for virtually all cell phone brands. If you have any questions please contact Upsie to learn more about coverage.

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Updated 3/21/2022

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