Is a Google Pixel Warranty for the Latest Model Worth It?

The latest Google Pixel has been a huge hit since its launch last year. Ten months on, though, is a warranty worth it?
The flagship Google Pixel 5 smartphone was unveiled at the end of September 2020. The first Pixel model to get a pre-October launch, albeit only by one day, it almost immediately sold out. Since then, it's been a popular choice with buyers across the board.
However, like any piece of new tech, it hasn't been immune to issues. So, can owners of the latest Pixel-branded handset from Google afford to overlook an extended warranty or service contract? Let's take a closer look at the ins and outs of the matter.

Google Pixel 5 Warranty

Google's current flagship is fast on the approach to its first birthday. With that, early buyers will soon find themselves out of their one-year limited warranty periods as provided by the manufacturer.
The device has already been beset by various problems, including issues pertaining to display gaps, a stalling battery indicator, and a proximity sensor flicker bug. More recently, volume level problems have also started to crop up. Of course, many of these complaints have been fixed under warranty.
Yet, from October, countless Google Pixel 5 handsets will no longer be protected under warranty, unless their owners protected them with extended coverage.

Google Pixel 5 Issues

Including the above-mentioned display gaps, stalling battery indicators, proximity sensor bugs, and volume problems, the list of Google Pixel 5 faults identified to date continues to grow. As of July 2021, the list includes:
  • Gaps between display and frame
  • Stalling or stuck battery indicator when charging
  • Flickering proximity sensor bug
  • Oversaturated sound quality
  • System volume issues
  • Permanent marks from Pixel stand wireless charging
  • Increasingly apparent overheating issues
  • Excessive battery drain
Due to these issues, many owners will want extended coverage. That said, a large proportion of buyers have no doubt opted to go without.

Google Pixel 5 Warranty Cost

It's little surprise that many Google Pixel 5 owners opted to go without extended warranty coverage when you consider that a two-year plan from T-Mobile costs $336. Worse still, there's a $249 deductible to pay in the event that something goes wrong. Policies sold by SquareTrade and Verizon are slightly more affordable, costing $215-$264 and with deductibles of between $149 and $199.
So, is a Google Pixel 5 warranty worth it? Considering the issues that have already come to light with buyers' devices, it's something that must be weighed up on an individual basis.
Alternatively, Google Pixel 5 owners can grab a deal and cut out the middleman by choosing a third-party extended warranty provider. Upsie, for example, costs just $9.99 per month but still offers comparable or superior smartphone warranty coverage. They offer protection for handsets from over 20 manufacturers, including Google, Apple, Huawei, Samsung, and Sony.

Is a Google Pixel Warranty for the 5 or 6 Worth It?

With the Google Pixel 6 now on the horizon, prospective buyers are already looking at warranty options. The new handset is expected to cost $799 — $100 more than the Pixel 5 at launch. Despite this price increase, savvy buyers will still be able to secure a Pixel 6 warranty for the same cost as coverage for the ongoing model.
Thanks to Upsie, an extended warranty policy for either model is available for just $9.99 per month. Benefits include protection against manufacturing defects, screen cracks, drops, spills, and more.
Current Google Pixel 5 owners can lock in complete protection smartphones purchased at any time. Upsie coverage also extends to battery and power issues, plus Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, touchscreen, camera, and audio failures.
Repairs are available locally. Or you can ship your phone to Upsie's central facility for closer inspection. Once fixed, they'll be returned in full working order via free two-day shipping.

Google Pixel 6 Extended Warranty

All of the same benefits afforded to Google Pixel 5 owners by Upsie will be provided to Pixel 6 owners at launch. With just a few weeks to go until the much-anticipated new handset is expected to arrive on the market, locking in Google Pixel 6 warranty coverage with Upsie is easy.
The process starts by simply skipping the warranty add-on when ordering a new Google Pixel phone. Activating coverage is as straightforward and simple.
An out-of-warranty repair for any of the issues already identified by Google Pixel 5 owners could cost hundreds of dollars. Therefore, an extended warranty should be an important consideration for owners of either the Pixel 5 or 6.

The Bottom Line

Coverage with Upsie is affordable and offers complete peace of mind. With the alternative being potentially hundreds of dollars worth of repairs, the question isn’t, 'Is a warranty for the latest Google Pixel worth it?' Rather, the question is, 'Can you afford not to take out a Google Pixel warranty for the 5 or 6?'

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