The Best Extended Warranty Option for a Google Pixel Phone

While not quite as popular as Samsung and Apple, Google's Pixel phones have steadily increased the company's market share for smartphones in the past few years. According to CNET, Google sold over 7 Million Pixels in 2019. More recently, they have blamed reduced production of 2020's Pixel 5, Pixel 4A 5G, and Pixel 4A on pandemic-related production concerns.
Pixel phone owners like the smooth interface, high-quality camera, and integrated optimization with other Google services. As with Samsung, Apple, and other top smartphone manufacturers, many Google phone users will remain loyal to their brand. Once the company ramps up production and marketing, this well-known company can also leverage their solid name recognition and giant platform to attract even more loyal customers.

How to Find the Best Extended Warranty for a Google Phone

Mobility, slim builds, lightweight components, and complex systems make even good-quality smartphones vulnerable to damage and other issues. It's also easy to understand how people can get familiar with and loyal to smartphone brands. Still, that sort of brand loyalty should not always apply to phone warranties.

The Google Pixel Manufacturer Warranty

The manufacturer's limited warranty won't provide enough protection for a high-quality phone that owners plan to rely upon over the lifetime of their device:
  • Phone makers aren't really in the warranty business: Phone makers focus upon delivering competitive technology but not necessarily the phone protection plans they offer with each sale. In contrast, Upsie centers their entire business upon providing warranties for phone, other electronics, and appliances.
  • Manufacturer warranties provide limited protection: Google does offer a one-year limited warranty for each phone that they sell. As previously mentioned in an Upsie feature about buying Google Pixel phones, the industry calls these warranties limited for a reason.
Thus, Google's initial warranty won't help repair or replace phones harmed by so many common hazards, like accidental damage from liquid, drops, and even wear and tear. Mostly, limited warranties like these only exist to help guarantee that the phone works as intended out of the box.

Why Consider Upsie Pixel Phone Protection Plans?

According to research on iPhones, the average device suffers at least some sort of damage by 10 weeks after purchase. According to these studies, the most common types of incidents include drops, liquid spills, and having young children get their hands on them. It's fair to imagine that Pixel and other phones follow a similar pattern, and Google's manufacturer warranty specifically excludes many kinds of accidental damage.
To learn more about Upsie subscription warranties for Pixel phones:
  • A quick glance at the Upsie Pixel warranty page shows that their plans cover liquid damage, cracked screens, and several other common sources of problems. Customers get full coverage for just $9.99 per month.
  • In addition to covering Pixel phones, Upsie also offers affordable, complete protection for iPhones, Samsung, and just about any other brand. Simply navigate to the Upsie phone warranty page to make a choice.
Customers can purchase an Upsie subscription warranty for old or new phones. They even insure used and refurbished phones. So long as the phone is in good condition, Upsie will cover it. Plan members can generally choose between local, certified repair centers and mail-in service. If damages exceed the phone's value, Upsie will even offer a replacement phone.
Besides warranty protection, Upsie members can access customer service at any time of day. In fact, phone buyers can give them a call at 877-844-7745 right now to ask questions. Even though many people decide they'd prefer a Pixel device, many prudent phone buyers turn to Upsie for phone protection.

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