Do You Need an iPhone 13 Warranty?

The glass on early iPhone models was very fragile, so it was necessary to keep them in a thick protective case. Without one, your screen was basically guaranteed to break if you dropped your phone.
Now Apple has begun making its iPhones more durable. For example, the iPhone 13 is water-resistant and made of Ceramic Shield, so the glass and casing of your phone are stronger than ever. These upgrades have iPhone users feeling a little more comfortable taking their expensive phones on the go. So with all these improvements in iPhone durability, do you even need an iPhone 13 warranty?

iPhone Limited Warranty

iPhone 13s, like many new electronics, come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty. In the case of the iPhone, this warranty lasts one year. It protects your iPhone and all the Apple accessories included in the box from defects of workmanship or materials under normal use. It does not cover any cosmetic damage caused by accidental damage or diminishing of protective coatings and things designed to fade over time.
If your iPhone malfunctions and breaches the warranty, Apple will repair it with new certified Apple materials or refurbished materials that have passed the Apple functionality test. If it cannot be fixed, Apple will replace the device or issue a refund of the product's purchase price.

Is an iPhone Extended Warranty Worth It?

Yes! The iPhone 13 phones are more durable than early iPhone models were, but they’re not invincible. And accidental damage isn’t the only thing that can go wrong with an iPhone. Your phone could experience a manufacturing defect outside the one-year limited warranty. In this case, you would be responsible for paying for a repair or replacement.
You shouldn’t only rely on your phone’s durability or the limited warranty. Accidents happen all the time. Not only does the limited warranty only cover you for a year, but it also doesn’t protect against accidental damage. Screen cracks and scratches are the most common damage smartphone experience, and an extended warranty can help cover the repair cost.

iPhone Extended Warranty Options

Most major cell phone carriers and retailers offer their own form of iPhone 13 protection via a warranty or insurance. And while the salesperson helping you purchase your new phone may make their plan sound like a good deal, most store plans are not! They are way overpriced for average coverage and questionable service. In the end, warranties are supposed to say you money, so overpaying for iPhone 13 insurance is counter-productive.
Apple Care has moderately priced plans with comprehensive coverage. Unfortunately, it’s restrictive in how you can get your phone repaired. For example, you can only take your iPhone 13 to get repaired at the Apple Genius Bar with Apple Care. This might be okay for people who live near an Apple store but is inconvenient for those who don’t.

The Best iPhone 13 Warranty

Upsie offers the best iPhone 13 warranty plans with affordable prices and extensive coverage. Their plans cost less than competitors like Verizon, T-Mobile, and Allstate, with the same or similar coverage. Upsie also protects your phone against accidental damage like spills and drops.
In addition, Upsie has you take your phone to a local certified repair technician, not just the Apple Store. Although, if you want to get your phone repaired at the Genius Bar, simply request to do so when you make a claim. Upsie will quickly approve it and then reimburse you after your repair is complete.
Upsie's Smartphone Subscription Warranties cost just $9.99 per month, and Upsie has a cracked screen deductible of just $0.
And making a claim couldn’t be easier! You can fill out the online claims form or call their claims center. It's open 24/7/365 and you will speak to a live customer service representative. After your claim is approved, Upsie will help you locate a local certified repair technician to schedule a repair. Or you can send your device to the Upsie repair center with free 2-day round trip shipping.
An iPhone 13 warranty is absolutely the best way to protect your device to extend its lifespan. Protect your new or refurbished iPhone 13 with Upsie for peace of mind! Any phone bought in the US is eligible, regardless of when or where you purchased it.

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