Reasons Why Upsie Offers the Best Apple iPhone Warranty

Most smartphone owners understand the value offered by a good extended warranty. These users rely on their devices for communication, work, shopping, and play. Even the most durable smartphone models can suffer damage from accidental spills and drops, worn ports and buttons, or unexpected defects. The best extended Apple iPhone warranty protects the smartphone longer than a manufacturer’s warranty, plus it offers much broader protection.

Why Upsie Offers the Best iPhone Extended Warranty for Smartphones

In particular, Apple encourages its customers to purchase an extended warranty through AppleCare+. In an earlier article, Upsie covered many advantages of Upsie vs. AppleCare+ extended warranties. Some highlights of these advantages include:
  • The price: Expect to pay $40 to $50 less for the same length of coverage for an Upsie warranty. Exact prices depend upon the purchase price of the device.
  • The deductible: For screen damage, AppleCare+ charges less, but for every other kind of damage, Upsie has a lower deductible.
  • Accidental damage: Both Upsie and AppleCare+ cover drops or spills, but Upsie charges a flat-rate, lower deductible.
So far, Upsie is cheaper but everything else seems on par with its competitor. However, dig a little deeper to learn how Upsie serves customers better. For one thing, AppleCare+ limits the number of accidental damage repairs to two per year.
Since MarketWatch reported on screen damage as the most common type of incident that requires repair, consider a cracked phone screen as an example. If an accidental drop broke the screen and damaged the lights behind the screen, that would count as two repairs for Apple. Even worse, the lower screen repair deductible would not apply any longer because the warranty had to cover another type of repair.
If the drop cracked the screen, damaged a backlight, and chipped the case, that would count as three repairs under AppleCare+. In this case, the phone’s owner would need to pay for one of the repairs. Upsie does not impose limits on the number of repairs that they need to make.
In some cases, repairs might not make sense because of the amount of damage. Upsie will cheerfully replace the phone on the first claim or offer reimbursement.

Need More Reasons to Buy an Upsie Extended Warranty for an iPhone?

Need more reasons to consider an Upsie iPhone warranty over AppleCare+? Take a look at these:
  • With Upsie, customers can call 24-7 to file a claim. These friendly reps will help consumers find the most convenient way to make repairs. Settling claims might include postage-paid mail-in services, local repair shops, and even Apple’s Genius Bar.
  • Upsie gives iPhone owners up to 120 days after their purchase to enroll in Upsie protection. This time gives consumers time to make the best decision, and there’s still time to cancel the retailer’s plan for a refund.
  • Upsie covers pre-owned phones, so long as they have at least a 30-day limited warranty, and they also allow phone owners to transfer their contracts to a new owner.
Apple leads the smartphone market in producing advanced, innovative smartphones and other devices. In contrast, Upsie focuses upon innovative extended warranties to ensure consumers have an excellent way to protect their investments.
Unlike most warranty companies, Upsie sells warranties directly to customers, so they can bypass intermediaries and pass on lower prices to their customers. They also make it very easy to activate a warranty online with a digital copy of the sales receipt. Besides Apple iPhones, Upsie also covers various Apple devices and many other brands and types of electronics.

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