How Upsie Protection Plans are Better than AppleCare iPhone Insurance

If you have, or are looking to buy, an Apple iPhone, you’re probably wondering if you really need AppleCare+. After all, AppleCare+ iPhone insurance is expensive. But so are Apple devices! Luckily, there is a better option: Upsie iPhone Protection Plans.

How Much Does Upsie Cost Compared to AppleCare?

The following prices are for the iPhone 14 Pro Max priced at $1099, iPhone 14 Pro priced at $999 and iPhone 14 Plus priced at $899. Prices were updated on May 16, 2023 and are subject to change.
iPhone 14 Pro Max iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14 Plus
Upsie $7.99 $7.99 $7.99
AppleCare+ $9.99 $9.99 $8.99

How Much is the Upsie Deductible vs AppleCare?

The following are deductible prices for the iPhone 14 Pro priced at $999.
Cracked Screen Repairs Other Repairs Replacement
Upsie $0 $75 $150
AppleCare+ $29 $99 $99

What Does My Apple iPhone Warranty Cover?

AppleCare covers unlimited “Service Events,” which is any time you receive a service for accidental damage handling. Screen-only damage, with the lower deductible price, must only affect the screen. If any other damages are found, like a dented enclosure, it will not count as screen-only damage. You will then have to pay the higher deductible price.
Apple also offers an Express Replacement Service where they will send you a new iPhone if yours breaks. Upon mailing it, Apple will put a hold on your credit card for the full price of the new phone. When your old phone gets to Apple, they will examine it to make sure the damage is covered under AppleCare+. It is it, they will release the hold on your credit card and charge you the $99 deductible. If the damage is not covered, they will process the transaction, meaning that you just bought yourself a new iPhone.

Does AppleCare Cover Water Damage like Upsie Does?

AppleCare does cover water damage from accidents. An example would be if you accidentally knocked your water glass over. Upsie’s protection plans cover water damage to smartphones, as well.

Does AppleCare Cover Drops Like Upsie Does?

Yes, AppleCare and Upsie both cover accidental drops due to accidents. A very common screen accident is dropping in on a hard surface. It is said that the glass phone screens are becoming more durable. Nonetheless, we find that they still break very easily and frequently.

Does AppleCare Cover Theft? Does Upsie?

AppleCare offers a plan upgrade from AppleCare+ to AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss. This plan costs significantly more than their accident-only plan. AppleCare+ with Theft and Loss costs $12.49 per month for the iPhone 14 Plus and $13.49 per month for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. If you keep your phone for two years, that equates to an additional $60 or $84 compared to two years of Upsie coverage. But who steals a phone these days with them needing facial recognition or your code to access the phone? They would really be stealing a paperweight! Upsie doesn't want to charge you for protection that isn't needed, so does not offer theft coverage. And with years of experience in the industry, we know the most common claims are for accidental breakages.

What Else Does Upsie’s iPhone Protection Plan Cover?

iPhone protection by Upsie covers accidents and includes the features from the original manufacturer warranty cornering defective quality isues. This means that anything covered by Apple’s manufacturer warranty will be covered by Upsie's Protection Plan for an additional year when the manufacturer warranty expires.

Can I Cancel My AppleCare iPhone Insurance for a Refund?

Yes, you can cancel your AppleCare+ plan two different ways. The first is to “cancel a Monthly Plan immediately and receive a pro rata refund based on the percentage of unexpired time remaining on Your Monthly Plan Term.” You can do this online (with an updated and active account), by calling Apple support, or by emailing Apple support. You must provide your phone’s Serial Number, Plan Number, and the original proof of purchase.
Another option is to cancel your plan at the end of your monthly billing cycle via your billing platform. This way your Monthly Plan will remain active until the end of that month and no further payments will be processed.
Upsie’s plans can also be canceled at any time. Like Apple’s second cancellation option, if you cancel in the middle of a billing cycle, your coverage will conclude at the end of that billing period.

How Long Does It Take For Repairs if I Need to File a Claim?

Upsie phone repairs are usually completed same-day. For example, cracked screens can almost always be repaired on the day the claim is made. If, for some reason, the repair shop does not have the proper parts in stock, it may take longer than one day. Additionally, if a repair is not feasible, it may take longer than one day to locate a replacement.

Certified Repair Centers

These repair experts have been vetted by the Upsie team, use high-quality parts, and are independently owned, so you’ll be supporting your local community. We have locations within a 20 minute drive for most people. When you make a claim, the team will help you find a location closest to you.

What if My Phone Can’t Be Fixed?

No problem! If your phone is broken beyond repair, Upsie will locate a replacement phone. This does end your current plan, but it’s quick and easy to start a new plan for your new phone.

How Long Do I Have to Get a Protection Plan?

AppleCare+ only gives you 60 days after buying your iPhone to get warranty protection from them. Upsie, on the other hand, does not put a time limit on it. You can protect any iPhone of any age, as long as it's not already broken.

Can I also get coverage for my AirPods or other devices?

Definitely! Upsie offers protection for most electronic devices. Some examples are AirPod protection plans, iPad protection plans and Apple Watch protection plans. They even offer protection plans for MacBooks. Pricing is always competitive for Upsie’s protection plans and deductibles. Also, a real person answers your claims calls with no machines or workarounds like other companies have.

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