Sprint and T-Mobile Insurance Plans for Smartphones

Sprint was the fourth largest mobile network operator in the US. Now, they merged with TMobile, making one power company. Before the merge, both companies had their own phone warranties called Sprint Complete and Protection 360 from T-Mobile. Now, as the companies become one, T-Mobile insurance is taking over.

Is Protection 360 better than Upsie smartphone protection?

While Protection 360 is a very comprehensive plan, it is not better than Upsie’s smartphone protection plan. The primary reason is price. T-mobile’s plan costs anywhere from $7-$18 per month, depending on the device.
It’s safe to assume that the newer and more advanced phone models cost more. For example, Protection 360 on the Galaxy S22+, priced at $999, costs $18 per month. For two years of protection, that’s $432! Compare that to Upsie coverage for $9.99 per month and up to 5 years of coverage. Upsie saves you $193 compared to Protection 360.

What is the difference between Protection 360 and TMobile Basic Device Protection?

What’s the difference between these plans? Well, if you buy an Apple iPhone, AppleCare coverage comes with Protection 360. They also offer JUMP upgrades, meaning that you can upgrade to a new device after one year of payments. Otherwise, the protection is the same, meaning that you should stick to the more basic plan if you are an Android user that keeps your phone for two years.

Does TMobile insurance cover cracked screens?

T-Mobile and Upsie both cover accidents. These accidents might include:
  • Cracked screens due to drops
  • Water submersion due to falls
  • Damage from liquid spills
  • Malfunctions from banging your phone while in a purse or pants pockets
  • And more

How much does a T-Mobile iPhone insurance plan cost?

The T-Mobile iPhone insurance plans are priced as follows as of August 2022. Note that Upsie does not offer monthly payment plans at this time; the monthly prices are for comparison only.
iPhone Model Protection 360 Upsie
13 Pro Max ($1,099) $18/ Month, $432/ 2-years $9.99/ Month, $239/ 2-years
13 Pro ($999) $18/ Month, $432/ 2-years $9.99/ Month, $239/ 2-years
12  ($699) $18/ Month, $432/ 2-years $9.99/ Month, $239/ 2-years
12 Mini ($599) $18/ Month, $432/ 2-years $9.99/ Month, $239/ 2-years
11 ($499) $13/ Month, $312/ 2-years $9.99/ Month, $239/ 2-years

Where can I get a more affordable protection plan?

Hands down, the most affordable protection plan, that does not compromise on coverage, is from Upsie. As you can see in the table above, their plans cost significantly less than carrier plans from T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. Upsie extends the manufacturer warranty and offers protection from accidents.
Upsie also has a $0 cracked screen deductible.

Where does my phone go for repairs with Upsie?

One of the best things about Upsie is their flexible repair options. To begin, Upsie works with 10k+ certified repair shops across the US. But if you have a particular shop that you love, you can request to get your phone repaired there. After the Upsie claims department approves it, you will pay for the repair and Upsie will reimburse you. Both of these options offer same-day repair in most cases.
If you’re not in a huge rush, you can ship your smartphone to Upsie’s fantastic repair center. They will send you a box and shipping label so it’s really easy. Shipping is two-day.

How can I learn more about Upsie?

Learn about Upsie’s smartphone protection plans directly on their website. If you still have questions, you can give their customer support team a call, shoot them an email or send them a message on social media.

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