What You Should Know About Upsie’s Smartphone Protection

Most cell phone carriers and retailers offer an extended warranty at the time of purchase. Often, these warranties are sorely lacking. They tend to cost a lot of money and do not provide good service in return.
Upsie's Premium Device Protection covers most of the damage that could happen to your phone in the first couple years of ownership, including accidental damage, battery failure, power failures, failure of the touch screen, camera, headphone jack, Wi-Fi, audio and Bluetooth systems. Upsie offers device protection for new and used or refurbished phones.
And, unlike the big box store warranties, Upsie’s extended warranty saves you money. You can save on the cost of Upsie's extended warranty because Upsie eliminates the middleman.

What Does Upsie's Smartphone Protection Plan Do?

When you file a claim, you'll be able to get your phone repaired at a local facility, or you can ship your device in for repair if you don't want to take the device in to a nearby facility. Own an iPhone? You can even get your phone repaired through the Genius Bar on all covered claims.
Upsie will pay for a replacement phone if the repair cost is too high or not feasible given the damage. Upsie processes claims 24/7 and stores all the paperwork online in your account.

How Can I Protect My Phone from Damage?

Even with an extended warranty, it's always best to do what you can to protect your phone from damage. Here's what we recommend:
  • Use a well-rated case and screen protector.
  • Select a case with rubber sides and corners for good gripping.
  • Avoid leaving your phone in hot places, like in your car or on a hot table in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid extreme cold as well as extreme heat.
  • Unless you own and are using a foolproof waterproof case, don't use your phone in the pool, the shower or in the rain.
  • Leave your phone on the sidelines when playing contact sports.
  • Avoid using your phone one-handed to scroll or search the Internet.
  • Avoid placing your phone in your lap when you're not using it.
  • Keep your phone in a handbag or a secure place when you're traveling.
Most of all, be smart about what you're doing with your phone. Don't give your phone to your young child to use unsupervised. Avoid placing your phone on a table next to a glass of water. You could even consider getting a ring for the back of your phone for an added grip.

What is Considered Accidental Damage?

Upsie accident protection covers drops that crack the screen or break the hardware, as well as liquid spills and submersion. Maybe you dropped your phone while taking a run? Or spilled your hot coffee over your phone while still half asleep? No problem: Upsie’s got you covered. Just contact a claims representative or file your claim online. Once approved, you can take or send your phone to a certified local repair facility or Genius Bar for iPhone repairs.

Do Cases Really Protect Phones?

Yes, cases do protect phones, but even with a good case, no phone is indestructible. Use common sense when handling your phone; that may be the best protection of all.

What Does it Cost to Fix a Broken Phone?

Getting the screen fixed on an iPhone XS Max can cost up to $329. Our Upsie protection offers a very competitive deductible between $0 and $149. Compare that to $30 to $250 for Verizon, and $50 to $300 for AT&T, and you can see that Upsie's coverage saves you money and protects you from overwhelming, unexpected expenses when your phone breaks. That's a lower cost compared to the extended warranties and service contracts offered by big-box retailers like AppleCare, Verizon, SquareTrade, AT&T and Best Buy.

How Long Do I Have to Buy a Protection Plan After Purchase?

Not sure you're ready to buy a protection plan? Upsie doesn't have an eligibility window. This means that you can purchase an Upsie warranty for any new, used, or old phone in good condition.

What if I Have More Questions About Coverage?

To learn more about Upsie's Extended Warranty plan, contact us at 1-877-844-7745. Upsie has real people answer the phones! You can also ask us questions on Twitter and Facebook.

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