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Did you just buy an Apple Watch? Great! That shiny little device can do a lot of cool and useful things. It did cost a pretty penny, though, right? Luckily, you can buy protection that will dramatically cut the cost of a repair if your Apple Watch breaks. There are a few options for warranties and protection plans, and we outlined them for you.

What companies offer Apple watch protection?

Apple Watch protection can be purchased from three primary companies.
First, it can be purchased directly from Apple. Apple gives you 60 days after purchase to get a protection plan. If you buy it online or over the phone, you will have to run a remote diagnostic test on the watch. You can also go back to the store to purchase a plan. Apple’s deductible prices are $69 or $79, depending on the model of the watch.
A second option is Upsie's Protection Plan. They give you up to 4 YEARS to purchase a protection plan for your new or used smartwatch as long as it is undamaged and working when you decide to buy protection. It's great that it is not too late like with Apple's plans!. Plans are purchased online at After purchasing the protection plan, Upsie asks you to activate your plan by providing a few simple details about your device. And if the device was purchased new in the last 30 days, you can upload a receipt to make it immediately eligible for claims. For older watches, there is a simple 90 day waiting period for claims. Doing this ensures that making a claim is as quick and stress-free as possible. Speaking of claims, Upsie allows two claims per rolling 12 months and has a lower deductible at $50. Additionally, you can get your watch repaired at one of our vetted, authorized repair partners conveniently near you with an Upsie plan for all covered claims. Upsie protection plans are just $1.99/mo and likely the lowest price you can find anywhere!
The last option is AllState. They give you only 30 days from the date of purchase to get a protection plan so they don't let you protect a smartwatch you have owned already for awhile like Upsie does. The coverage is the same as Upsie, but for a higher price and a higher deductible. Also, they do not require you to enter information about the watch up front, so when you need to make a claim, you may find yourself searching through old receipts for hours in order to locate yours. If you lose the receipt, there is a chance that your claim won't be approved.

How much does Upsie cost compared to AppleCare+??

Upsie protection plans cost less than competitors, including AppleCare+®. Upsie's deductible prices are lower, too. Here is a comparison chart for a 2-year protection plan for an Apple Watch Series 8 priced at $399.
Price Deductible Coverage
Apple® $79 $69 Unlimited claims up to the device purchase value
Upsie® $1.99/mo $50 2 claims per rolling 12 months
AllState® $64.99 $59 Unlimited claims up to the device purchase value

What does my Apple Watch Protection Plan cover?

Your Apple watch protection plan from Upsie includes two types of coverage: extended manufacturer and accidental to protect against drops, bumps, and spills.

Does an Upsie protection plan cover accidents and water damage?

Yes, it does. Upsie protection plans cover damage due to accidents like spills, water submersion, and drops.

Do I need theft coverage?

Whether or not you need theft coverage depends on the watch owner. Most people do not need theft coverage because the watch stays on their wrist. It’s not as easy to unlatch a watch without the wearer noticing as it is to lift a wallet. It is also very hard to unlock someone else's smartwatch and so there isn't much value to stealing one. Plans with theft coverage cost more, but don't see many claims for theft so the seller usually just makes more profit. With that in mind, Upsie intentionally doesn't include this costly extra feature.

Do I Need AppleCare® for my Apple watch?

Upsie is a better alternative to AppleCare® for your new Apple Watch, so no, you don’t need AppleCare® when you can get an Upsie Protection Plan. Upsie's plans offer similar coverage for significantly less money. The best part is that you can get your watch repaired any of our thousands of vetted repair partners so it will be nearby and convenient to you!

Do I really need an Apple Watch protection plan?

No one exactly needs a protection plan, but it’s always a smart idea to have one. A protection plan will give you enormous peace of mind that you’re covered if your Apple Watch breaks or malfunctions. It will also save you money on repairs and time finding who is trustworthy to have it repaired right.

Is my Upsie protection plan transferable?

Upsie protection plans are open enrollment for any device purchased in the last 4 years. So you wouldn't need to transfer as they can start their own plan with Upsie! This gives your Apple watch great added value if you ever want to sell it down the road as you can share the awesomeness of Upsie.
Hopefully, this information helps you make an informed decision on an Apple Watch protection plan. If you’re interested in Upsie and want to learn more, head to Upsie's website.

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