Three Reasons Why iPad Insurance Should Be a Top Priority

Apple lovers are a unique breed. It’s hard to think of another technology brand with as much user loyalty. Owning an iPad gives you a different feeling than you get from other tablets. It’s about the design, how it feels in your hands, and the familiarity that comes from the moment you start your device. Why wouldn’t you want iPad insurance to cover your investment?
You may feel confident in your ability to keep your iPad safe. However, accidents are called accidents for a reason. Plus, even if you practice extreme care, that doesn’t mean your friend or relative who uses it will do the same. Let’s go over some primary reasons you should purchase Upsie iPad insurance.

1. You Paid a Lot of Money for Your iPad

Apple is perceived as a luxury brand because of its higher price point. . A top-of-the-line iPad Pro now runs as high as $1,700. That means the individual parts are going to be expensive, too. Additionally, the complexity of the device means you might want to have it repaired at your local Genius Bar.
Now imagine paying all that money for a device that ends up damaged! Without an Upsie iPad warranty, you’ll need to come up with a way to pay for the repairs yourself or purchase a replacement.

2. You Rely on Your iPad for Practically Everything

Apple iPads have come a long way since they were first introduced over ten years ago. Many use them as a replacement for the functions of a laptop. It’s how people work, communicate, and entertain themselves. You can finish up and send out an important office memo, then switch over to Netflix to finish off the latest season of your favorite show.
Being without your iPad for an extended period can feel like losing a limb. If you don’t have insurance for your iPad, you’ll be paying out of pocket for the repair if it ends up the victim of an accidental drop or spill. An Upsie policy provides you with the means to get your iPad repaired or replaced promptly. You won’t have to wait several paychecks from now to have enough cash for repairs or a new device.

3. Things Can Go Wrong Very Quickly

Yes, it’s entirely possible to purchase iPad insurance and never need to file a claim. It’s the same risk you take paying a premium each month for car or health insurance. And if something happens, you will certainly be glad you chose to take out extra protection.
Apple’s reputation as a durable brand makes the idea of forgoing the cost of iPad insurance extra tempting, but repairs can cost upwards of $500-$700 depending on the severity.
It’s hard to foresee incidents like it slipping out of your hands while you’re standing over a sink full of water. Yet, life happens. You could find yourself facing the reality of quickly having to cover the cost of fixing or replacing your iPad, which could crimp other plans you had for that money.

Get Peace of Mind With Upsie iPad Insurance

Upsie iPad Insurance provides coverage for incidents like:
  • Cracking your screen due to an accident or drop
  • Accidentally spilling liquid on your iPad or submerging it in liquid
  • Issues with your power source and battery
  • Power failures, shorts, or the need for an internal cord replacement
  • Problems with the responsiveness of your touch screen
  • A malfunctioning camera, including lens cracks or a broken zoom function
  • Issues connecting to nearby WiFi
  • Problems connecting with Bluetooth
Upsie allows you to take out coverage within 60 days of purchasing a new device. This gives you a little more time to think about the benefits of purchasing iPad insurance. You’ll find that Upsie policies provide significant cost savings over purchasing AppleCare and allows you to quickly get your iPad repaired at a local Genius Bar or certified repair center.
Submitting a claim to Upsie is as easy as logging into your account. Simply fill out a form or give the claims center a call to get the ball rolling 24/7/365 and access your warranty paperwork to confirm what is and isn’t covered under your policy.
Ready to take the plunge and buy iPad insurance from Upsie? Give them a call at (877) 844-7745 or contact them via their website. Upsie also responds to questions asked on Facebook and Twitter.

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