What Are the Best Smartwatches for Younger Kids in 2022?

Most people talk about the health and productivity benefits of smartwatches for adults. Older teens also enjoy the benefits of smartwatches for communication and fitness. Still, most wearables made for adults would not fit on child-sized wrists or appeal to young children.
Many manufacturers also produce smartwatches for kids. These smartwatches fit smaller wrists, can encourage physical activity, and offer games and educational apps.

Top Smartwatches for Younger Kids

The best smartwatches for kids are durable, affordable, and have are intuitive for kids to use. To find the best smartwatches for children, consider some of the most popular choices.

Fitbit Ace 3

This water-resistant smartwatch comes in kid-friendly colors, has a comfortable and durable watch band, and offers a battery that can last up to eight days. In addition, the responsive touch screen makes the Fitbit Ace 3 easy to use. Plus, the device encourages healthy habits and physical activity.
However, this device doesn’t include GPS. The device also has a black-and-white screen and could use more games. Find this watch discounted at some retailers for about $70. Also, Fitbit still sells the Ace 2. The predecessor to the Ace 3 has colorful animations and should cost a little less than the Ace 3. The battery life of Ace 2 won’t match Ace 3, though.

Garmin Vivofit JR 3

Kids can choose between Marvel or Disney themes for this swim-proof smartwatch. The Garmin Vivofit JR 3 works best when paired with a smartphone for multiple apps that encourage fitness and completing various goals. The device has an extraordinary battery life of one year and comes in various colors. Parents can also program the smartwatch with the child’s emergency contact information.
The display doesn’t dial up the brightness, and children might grow out of the Disney or Marvel theme. It also does not come with GPS. Look for this watch discounted from about $70 to $80.

Vodafone Neo Smart Kids Watch

This smartwatch for kids comes fully packed with features. For instance, it offers GPS, cellular connection, and has a camera. The watch displays cute animated characters, and the bright screen makes them easy to see. It’s also water-resistant but not swim-proof.
Sadly, all the features and the extra-bright display might explain why this smartwatch only offers a one-day battery life. It’s also bigger and clunkier than the devices mentioned above. It costs $137, plus it needs a subscription for many features. According to TechAdvisor, the Neo offers a wealth of features but could use some improvements.

Vtech Kidizoom Smart Watch

For the youngest tech adapters, consider this smartwatch. Some reviewers have described it as more of a toy than a functional smartwatch, but it will give younger kids an opportunity to acquaint themselves with wearable tech. Vtech says the battery will last two weeks between charges, but it’s not water-resistant and doesn’t offer GPS.
Still, the Kidizoom does offer some features most children will find pretty cool. Some examples include a camera for stills and video, an activity tracker, and plenty of games. Call it a toy or a smartwatch, this model offers an excellent choice for younger children. Expect to pay about $55.

Extended Warranties for Children’s Smartwatches

Kids and adults can benefit from today’s wearables. Still, no parent can expect children to always remember to treat a colorful smartwatch like a sophisticated, sensitive device. That’s why Upsie offers affordable extended warranties for smartwatches.
Upsie’s protection plans offer the 24-7 claims service, local and mail-in repairs, and broad coverage against accidents and wear for children’s smartwatches. Best of all, customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device, ensuring that kids and parents get the most out of every warranty. Buy the best electronics with the confidence of knowing Upsie’s ready to help with repairs or replacements.

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