Polar Pacer and Polar Pacer Pro Running Smartwatches

Running Magazine reported that nearly 30 percent of today’s runners began engaging in this activity during the coronavirus pandemic. About one in five of these new runners plan to train for competition, but over 60 percent said they primarily hoped to enjoy better fitness.
No matter the motivation, Polar recently announced two new smartwatches to cater to the running crowd, including the Polar Pacer and Polar Pacer Pro smartwatches. Read on to find out how these two Pacer smartwatches compare.

Compare the Polar Pacer Versus Polar Pacer Pro Runner’s Smartwatches

Polar listed the Pacer for $199, and its features focus on serving newer runners. The $299 Pro version offers features that should appeal to more experienced athletes. However, the two watches share many common features.
For example:
  • The watches share a similar appearance, buttons, displays, built-in GPS, heart monitor, and 5MB of RAM.
  • They each also offer similar battery lives of up to seven days on a charge or 35 hours with GPS and heart monitoring turned on.
  • Both watches also support weather, music controls, push notifications, and third-party app integrations.
  • The Pacer Pro weighs 1.44 ounces, and the Pacer weighs 1.41 ounces, so they’re lightweight smartwatches.
  • Both watches include built-in GPS, but the Pacer Pro also offers turn-by-turn navigation.
Otherwise, the Verge offered some examples of how various Pacer and Pacer Pro features will support runners with different skill and experience levels. For instance, the Pacer provides a walking test to estimate fitness after taking a short walk. In contrast, the Pacer Pro can measure the effort runners exert while running to help them pace themselves at the best intensity level.

How Do the Polar Pacer Watches Benefit Runners?

According to Cnet, Polar named both Pacer watches accurately. The watches offer many features but focus on helping runners pace themselves during workouts. These features help runners go the distance, enjoy their activities, and monitor performance. They also include additional features one would expect from a premium smartwatch, like alerts and music.
New runners should find the Polar Pacer invaluable for keeping runs engaging and helping to build endurance. At the same time, the Polar Pacer Pro will offer those same features and more to improve performance and overcome plateaus.
Serious runners will probably find value in spending the extra $100 on the Polar Pro to gain features they can benefit from. Still, beginners may find that the basic Polar serves them well until it’s time to think about buying a new watch.

Go the Distance With Upsie Smartwatch Warranties

Runners of various skill levels should feel satisfied with their investment in a high-quality smartwatch designed especially for runners. To enjoy even more confidence in the purchase decision, consider an Upsie smartwatch extended warranty.
The best features of Upsie smartwatch protection include:
  • Upsie gives new customers up to 60 days to buy protection. The affordable plans include protection against accidents or wear, 24-7 access to live claims representatives by phone, and local or mail-in repairs.
  • Robust coverage includes repairs to cracked displays, liquid spills, power failures, and connectivity problems.
  • Upsie only charges a $25 deductible and will pay for two-day postage for mail-in service. If the company determines the watch can’t be fixed on the first claim, Upsie will even offer to replace it.
A premium smartwatch can give runners confidence. It’s like taking a coach along on runs to ensure perfect pacing, increased performance, and more satisfaction. An Upsie warranty will increase that confidence with protection against unexpected repair or replacement bills. Upsie also covers other smartwatch brands and most electronics and appliances.

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