Vivofit Jr 3: The Kid-Friendly Smartwatch

When you think of Garmin, you typically think of GPS devices. However, did you know that Garmin makes a fantastic line of kid-friendly smartwatches? Their best line of kid-friendly smartwatches is the Vivofit Jr 3.

What is the Vivofit Jr 3?

Adults are not the only ones wearing fitness devices and smartwatches these days. Garmin offers a super kid-friendly watch with the Vivofit Jr 3, which packs a lot into a small device designed especially for little ones.
Garmin says the Vivofit Jr 3 “isn’t just a fitness tracker for kids. It’s an interactive experience where your child’s activity unlocks educational globe-trotting app adventures.” That’s a pretty tall order, but the specs seem to fulfill all the promises.

Vivofit Jr 3 Specs

The Vivofit Jr 3 not only tracks your child’s fitness but also includes some pretty neat features such as:
  • Waterproof – The smartwatch is completely waterproof so that kids can swim with it all day long.
  • Battery Life – It has a no-charge battery that lasts up to a year! Then you just replace it.
  • Options – The sleek Garmin smartwatch for kids comes in a variety of cool colors with a rubber band and dozens of watch face options to choose from.
  • Parental Monitoring – Parents can use the smartwatch app on their phones to assign kids chores, monitor activity, and even give kids rewards for reaching goals.
  • Exploration – As kids explore new areas, the watch unlocks new features to challenge little ones to reach new heights. The features include educational games, icons, and adventures.
  • Health – The Vivofit Jr 3 tracks your child’s steps, sleep, and daily activity.
A few other features include timed activities, an ICE (in case of emergency) widget, and custom watch faces so your child can make it their own. Additionally, it includes step challenges, helpful reminders to help children keep track of important tasks, themed adventures, a family connection area, and kid mode. Ironically, however, the watch does not come equipped with GPS, so you won’t be able to locate your kid on a map with it.
Garmin designed the watch to encourage children to be active and explore the world they live in. Each day the watch prompts youngsters to stay active. After 60 minutes of activity, they get rewarded with new quizzes, challenges, and games. In addition, the watch app uses icons, pictures, and symbols to reward kids for reaching fitness goals.

Garmin Smartwatch Warranty Considerations

When buying an electronic gadget, your first thought should always be, “What does the warranty cover?” The Garmin smartwatch warranty is a limited warranty that states its products will be “free from defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the original date of purchase.”
Whenever you buy a product for your children, you know something may happen to it. Kids are tough on stuff, and even though the Garmin smartwatch is waterproof, there are always instances where the waterproofing may fail. In addition, kids may drop and crack the screen on the watch.
The chances of something going wrong escalates when it’s a product designed for kids. Kids will be kids, and children do have accidents. However, the limited warranty does not cover accidental damage. Thankfully, Upsie’s extended warranties for Garmin smartwatches offer accidental damage.
Upsie’s fitness tracker extended warranty covers accidental damage like spills, cracks, drops, and water damage. In addition, Upsie covers manufacturing defects, touch screen failure, Bluetooth failure, and more. Upsie also offers live 24/7 claims support and unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.
Enjoy peace of mind with an Upsie warranty knowing your kid’s smartwatch is covered if anything goes wrong.

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