The Best eReader Apps for iOS for Reading With no eReader

Some people think they need to buy an eReader to take advantage of abundant sources of electronic books, magazines, audiobooks, and comics. Dedicated eReaders can offer benefits like long battery life and easy-on-the-eyes displays. Still, smartphone and tablet owners can download fantastic reading apps with support for various sources of reading material.

Top eReader Apps for iOS Phones and Tablets

eReaders offer a dedicated tool meant for reading books. The non-glare screen helps book lovers to read their favorite books even under the bright sun. However, those who don’t own an eReader yet can still enjoy their favorite digital books by downloading eReader apps. Read on to uncover examples of the top iOS eReader apps for iPads and iPhones.

The Kindle eReader App

Amazon sells a lot of Kindle devices, but they won’t let the lack of one of these dedicated devices block access to their vast library of electronic content. The iOS Kindle app also works with public library collections available with Libby and other sources of eBooks. Users can also customize various features, like font size and brightness. Tom’s Guide ranked the Kindle app as its first choice for iOS eReader apps.

Apple Books

People with Apple devices may gravitate to Apple’s bookstore instead of Amazon. People with iOS tablets and smartphones can download this app from the iOS App Store. PC Magazine highlighted various features of Apple Books, including the ability to adjust fonts, set brightness, and take notes.

Libby From Overdrive

Anybody with an iOS device and a library card can enjoy limitless reading opportunities with the Libby app. Users only need to sign into Libby with a library card. They will enjoy an easy way to browse the library’s online content, including books and audiobooks. Libby makes it easy to check out and return material with just a few clicks.


Graphic content doesn’t always display well on typical eReader apps, even the best ones. Comixology stands out as a popular app that’s made more comics, anime, and other graphic content. It works well with a read-all-you-can subscription but doesn’t allow imports of existing content on iOS.


Comic and anime readers who already have or can access DRM-free content might consider Chunky. This iOS app supports PDF, CBZ, and CBR comics, plus tags from ComicBookLover and ComicRack. It also offers plenty of features to customize the view.

How to Find the Best eReader Apps

Other examples of popular reading apps available for iOS include Google Books, B&N Nook, Kobo Books, and dozens more. Most apps offer basic versions for free, though some charge for premium features or content. Still, iOS smartphone and tablet owners can try various apps to see which ones provide them with the best experience. Readers might choose apps based on their preferences for types of reading materials and usual content sources.

The Best Protection for iOS Devices

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