How to Buy the Best Warranty for Your eReader

Even though people call eBook reading devices eReaders, they’re essentially tablet computers designed to offer a good reading experience. However, eReaders may offer additional features that make reading more enjoyable. And, just like a regular tablet, eReaders are vulnerable to damage from liquid spills, power failure, and manufacturing defects, making it important to protect it with the best extended warranty available.

Benefits of eReaders

According to AARP, eReaders offer a better type of display for reading. This is because good eReaders mimic the appearance of a printed page, and they’re generally easy to see in various light conditions. For instance, glare can make most tablet screens tough to see in bright sunlight.
In addition, people find eReaders lighter and easier to hold for long reading sessions. Users also find these slim devices easy to slip into a bag or pocket for travel.

Benefits of Traditional Tablet Computers

On the other hand, tablets might provide users with more processing power, quality sound reproduction for music, and a better display for streaming music and videos or playing games. This is because tablets generally have more powerful processors and higher resolution displays. Also, most tablets can use accessories such as keyboards or stylus pens to mimic the feeling of a laptop.

Why Buy an eReader Extended Warranty?

Tablet computers, including eBooks, might suffer from more issues than larger computers. That’s because manufacturers design tablets and eBooks for portability, so people tend to carry them around with them. Unfortunately, that means eReaders are subject to more wear and have a greater chance of getting dropped or spilled on.
Even worse, one study found that repair bills for eReaders can mount up to over 50 percent of the tablet’s original price. For instance, replacing a broken screen might cost $100 to $200. If the LED also needs replacing, that will add another $50 to $75 to the bill.
Some retailers sell DIY repair kits for $50 to $100. Still, most people would have to devote a considerable amount of time watching instructional videos that teach them how to do their own repairs.
A good extended warranty will offer peace of mind. Owners of eBook readers can quickly access qualified repair services, plus they will never need to worry about unanticipated bills for repairing or replacing their devices.

Why Buy an Upsie eReader Extended Warranty

Although there are many warranty options available for eReaders, Upsie offers the best protection. In addition, an Upsie eReader tablet warranty can help save money in several ways. For example:
  • Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70 percent less than name-brand competitors like BestBuy, Verizon, and Allstate SquareTrade.
  • Upsie gives customers up to 60 days after buying a tablet to purchase a two-year or three-year extended warranty.
  • Customers can opt for local or mail-in repairs, and Upsie will even pay the postage both ways for mail-in services.
  • Upsie only charges a $25 deductible, and customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device.
Even though Upsie charges low rates, they don’t skimp on robust coverage. For example, an extended warranty for an eReader or tablet will cover damage from wear, accidents, and manufacturing defects.
Customers get the best protection for the best price when they choose Upsie.

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