What Are the Top eReaders for Book Lovers in 2022?

Kindle offers a vast line of Kindle eReaders and has gained the lead in the marketplace. Some people might think a list of the top eReaders will only include various Kindles. Amazon does produce the most popular line of eReaders, and the Kindle brand has almost entered the language as a synonym for an eReader. Still, companies like Kobo and Onyx have gained positive attention from reviewers and avid readers.

Compare Top eReaders in 2022

The $179 Kobo Libra 2 earned first place for the best overall eReader value from TechRadar. Highlights include:
  • This device offers audiobooks support, 32GB of storage, Bluetooth connectivity, and a USB-C charging and data port.
  • The E Ink Carta 1200 touchscreen offers better contrast than previous Kobo models, though the company stuck with a 300ppi display.
  • In addition, a 1,500mAh battery will keep the Libra 2 juiced up for weeks between charges.
CNET disagreed with TechRadar and ranked the 2021 Kindle Paperwhite on top of their lists for the best overall eReader. Notably, TechRadar ranked the Paperwhite second, making Kindle’s Paperwhite a reasonably safe bet.
The reviewers compared the Paperwhite to Apple iPhones because they’re both excellent, sophisticated devices. In contrast to the iPhone, the Paperwhite only costs $130, and a Paperwhite Signature Edition with wireless charging and 32GB of storage costs $190. Amazon also offers a Kid’s Edition of the Paperwhite for $159.99, and this version comes with a child-friendly cover and a subscription to Amazon Kids.
Other top eReaders to consider include:
  • Kindle Oasis: This premium eReader costs $250, and it comes with color-adjustable lighting and an improved anti-glare screen.
  • Kindle: The base model of the Kindle provides an excellent deal for budget-minded readers.
  • Kobo Libra H2O: This fully waterproof eReader works in landscape or portrait mode and retails for $170.

Is There One Best eReader Brand?

Avid eBook readers probably won’t feel satisfied with any shortlist of top eReaders, especially when it only spotlights two brands and a handful of models. A couple of other notable eReader companies include Barnes & Noble Nook and ONYX Boox.
For instance, the Boox runs Android, so it can offer extra features, like the ability to play Spotify and much more. The Onyx Boox costs $250 and provides more features of an actual tablet than just an eReader, but the Boox still has an e-ink display. Traditional tablets generally have high-resolution displays, so the Boox can only replace a tablet for some apps and features, but many people don’t mind the compromise to keep from buying both an eReader and a tablet.
As with most electronics, the best choice for an eReader depends upon budget and preferred features. Since most of these eReaders come from companies that also offer content, preferred sources of reading material might also impact the decision. For example, Amazon runs the largest subscription service for eBooks, Kindle Unlimited, and that explains part of the popularity of Kindle devices.

The Best eReader Protection Plans

Many people are satisfied with eReaders, but others prefer having both kinds of devices. Technical people would classify eReaders as a type of tablet computer, and it’s fair to note that traditional tablets can run online book apps, too. At the same time, the e-ink displays, anti-glare screens, and lighting make eReaders more comfortable to read for long stretches.
In any case, eReader buyers should know that Upsie offers eReader extended warranties under the tablet category. Before buying a retail contract, look at the lower prices and broader protection that Upsie offers. Examples include 24-7 live claims by phone, local or ship-it-in repairs from certified technicians, and coverage against accidents, premature wear, and defects.
Best of all, Upsie keeps prices low, so readers can invest more in their reading!

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