How Much Does a Tablet Extended Warranty Cost?

Tablets revolutionized the technology industry. These small, flat computers are larger than a cell phone but smaller than a laptop. We can toss them into a bag and take them anywhere to play games, work, use apps, and even read books. Tablets are great, but what happens when they break? Here’s what to know about how much a tablet warranty will cost.

Should You Buy Tablet Insurance?

You may question whether you should buy tablet insurance at all. But think about the odds of something happening to your precious device when you take it outside, let your kids use it, or bring it on a trip. The chance of you dropping it, some liquid spilling on it, and the screen cracking increases exponentially the more you use your tablet and take it with you. Portability is the whole point; therefore, you need an extended warranty so you can use your tablet as much as you want, anywhere, without worrying about expensive repairs or replacements.
Remember that the original manufacturer’s warranty only covers inherent defects, usually for only a few months or a year. If you cause any damage by using it, you are out of luck and will have to pay to have it fixed.

How Much Does a Tablet Extended Warranty Cost?

Depending on where you bought your tablet and the brand, you may have had the option to purchase extended warranty coverage. However, these plans are often overpriced. For example, Verizon uses Asurion for its extended warranty, and they cost $14 per month, or $336 for two years and $504 for three years! That’s a lot of extra money to protect your tablet. Other companies charge hundreds of dollars a year to protect your technology.
Thankfully, Upsie offers a more affordable warranty. Upsie offers the same great service and unlimited claims up to the full price of the device. The best part is an Upsie warranty costs much less than the competitors. For example, take an iPad that costs $500 to $600. With Upsie, you can purchase an extended warranty for two years for $90.99 or a 3-year warranty for $136.99. That’s hundreds less than you would pay with another extended warranty company.
Keep in mind that the more expensive the tablet, the more expensive it will be to repair if you have to pay out-of-pocket for it. For example, having Apple repair a broken screen for a high-end model iPad could end up costing you upwards of $600 to fix it. In contrast, an Upsie warranty for the luxury iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch display (priced at $1,099) costs just $142.99 for two years with an industry-low $25 repair deductible

How Much Does an Upsie Tablet Warranty Cost?

Upsie offers warranties for a range of tablet options and includes coverage that perfectly matches your device. As a result, you’re never paying for coverage you don’t need. Upsie is completely transparent with pricing and never hides behind the fine print.
Here are Upsie’s prices for tablet warranties as of 7/14/2022:


New tablet purchase price Upsie 2-year warranty Upsie 3-year warranty
$0.00 to $99.99 $22.99 $40.99
$100 to $199.99 $33.99 $57.99
$200 to $299.99 $51.99 $82.99
$300 to $399.99 $65.99 $102.99
$400 to $499.99 $72.99 $106.99
$500 to $599.99 $90.99 $136.99
$800 to $999.99 $127.99 $213.99
$1,000 to $1,499.99 $142.99 $227.99
$1,500 to $1,999.99 $160.99 $252.99
Upsie’s warranties cost up to 70% less than warranties sold elsewhere, including warranties from phone carriers, store retailers, and third-party warranty providers. In addition, Upsie’s deductible cost is consistent and is one of the lower deductibles in the industry — just $25. Upsie offers warranties for both new and used tablets.

What Does an Upsie Tablet Extended Warranty Cover

Regardless if you use an Apple iPad or Galaxy Tab, you need to protect it properly so it will last you for many years. Protecting your tablet is even more important if you buy a used tablet. If the tablet belongs to your kids, it’s obvious why you need an extended warranty. Kids are hard on things.
Tablet warranties don’t always offer the same protection. Some cover accidental damage, and others do not. Of course, Upsie covers accidental damage, and you only pay a small $25 deductible, no other hidden fees. You can choose to send in your tablet using Upsie’s free two-day shipping or take it to a local certified repair technician to have it fixed. If they can’t fix it, Upsie will replace it on the first claim. No hassle, no headaches.
Your tablet warranty should give you peace of mind. With Upsie, you don’t have to worry about manufacturing defects or accidental damage due to spills, drops, and cracks. An Upsie tablet warranty covers:
  • Cracked screens
  • Spills (liquid damage)
  • Battery and power failures
  • Dead pixels/touch-screen issues
  • Camera failure
  • Headphone and audio problems
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues
  • Mechanical and electrical problems
  • Motor, fans, cooling, etc.
Tablets have a lot of high-tech components and complex electronics that make the fun happen. Protecting your tablet with comprehensive insurance is essential to keep it running smoothly. Do yourself a favor and protect your tablet with Upsie!

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