Best Extended Warranty for Your Kid’s Tablet

Kids’ tablets need to stand up to more use and abuse than almost any other piece of tech, so a warranty is vital. But which extended warranty is the best for your child’s Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or Microsoft Surface? And does the same also apply to Amazon’s Kindle and Fire-branded products, Google’s Nexus, and tablets from other brands, including Asus and Sony?
Ultimately, the best extended warranty for any kid’s tablet needs to offer three things. Regardless of the make and model, these are accident damage protection, low-cost coverage, and unlimited claims.

Must-Have Benefits for a Kid’s Tablet Warranty

Of course, children’s tablet warranties are no different from those we take out for our own tablets, smartphones, appliances, and more. That said, they absolutely must boast several key benefits in order to be as comprehensive as possible. Arguably chief among these is accident damage protection.

Accident Damage Protection

Let’s be honest; most of our kids are highly accident-prone. Kids are delightfully carefree but often somewhat careless at the same time. As a result, it’s far from uncommon for their iPads and Galaxy Tabs to find themselves on the receiving end of accidental damage.
Extended warranties are designed, first and foremost, to protect against manufacturer defects, mechanical faults, and other technical issues. However, it’s also possible to pick up extended tablet warranties with additional accident damage protection. Unfortunately, warranty providers don’t always include it. Luckily, some warranty providers, such as Upsie, include accident protection in all tablet warranty options.
When shopping for accident protection, ensure that the warranty protection is comprehensive. That includes protection for screen cracks caused by drops and damage stemming from liquid spills and submersion.

Low-Cost Coverage

Customers shouldn’t overpay for their warranty protection. Extended warranties have long been prohibitively expensive in many cases. Now, however, things are beginning to change. This change comes as Upsie remains committed to disrupting the existing extended warranty market. Other warranty providers are notorious for charging sky-high mark-ups of up to 900 percent.
Instead, Upsie provides full coverage that costs up to 70 percent less than warranties sold elsewhere, granting customers the peace of mind they deserve at an amount they can afford.
It’s for this reason that, just as with accident damage protection, it’s crucial to shop around. That’s as opposed to simply trusting the extended warranties traditionally sold by manufacturers and big-box retailers like Walmart.

Unlimited Claims

Only a very small number of warranty providers offer unlimited claims, with brands like Apple and others famous for limiting claims to just one or two per year in some instances. Yet, unlimited coverage is a must for kids’ tablets, where accidents and mishaps are likely to be a more common occurrence.
While no extended warranty provider can offer truly unlimited claims, some providers offer the next best thing. That’s typically unlimited claims subject to just one or two straightforward terms and conditions. All of Upsie’s warranties, for example, include unlimited claims up to the purchase price of a device.
That’s true of everything from kids’ tablets to smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, desktop PCs, home appliances, headphones and speakers, cameras, lenses, games consoles, gym equipment, tools, and more.

Save Up to 70 Percent With Upsie’s Kid’s Tablet Warranty

As you can see, choosing the correct extended warranty for a kid’s tablet can be a fairly complex proposition. Thankfully, Upsie is on hand to offer a range of intuitive and simple extended tablet warranty solutions that are affordable, unlimited, and include accidental damage protection as standard. Best of all, Upsie’s warranties cost 70 percent less than the cost of tablet warranties sold elsewhere.
Upsie’s policies are comparable or superior to those regularly supplied by manufacturers, retailers, and other warranty providers. Extended kids’ tablet warranties are currently available for the following devices:
  • Apple iPad
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Google Nexus
  • Microsoft Surface
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Asus ZenPad
  • Amazon Fire
  • Others
Customers can purchase up to 3 years of protection for tablets. Eligibility is open to all new and used tablets purchased in the last 60 days. In addition to low-cost accident damage protection, further perks include full coverage against battery, power, camera, touchscreen, headphone jack, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth failures.
Find out more at or download the exclusive Upsie smartphone app to get started.

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