Microsoft Surface Pro 8 Versus Apple iPad Air 5

With a new iPad invariably comes a plethora of questions surrounding whether one device is better than another. In this instance, the new model is Apple’s fifth-generation iPad Air. Of course, the latest iPad Air has no shortage of competition. Apple continues to go squarely up against Samsung and its impressive range of Galaxy Tab models.
However, there are other examples out there that represent similarly stiff competition. Whether based on size, price, a particular piece of functionality, or something else entirely, at least one instance comes from Microsoft.

Pioneer Head-To-Head

Apple is arguably the original tablet pioneer. That said, Microsoft undoubtedly has an equally pioneering past across any number of different device types. It also continues to impress with its Surface 2-in-1 tablet lineup. Its flagship right now is the Microsoft Surface Pro 8.
Admittedly, Apple has never been famed for its affordability. But, at the same time, when the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 first came to market last year, it did so with a surprisingly high starting price of $1,099.99. That was well ahead of its predecessor, the Surface Pro 7, which launched at just $749. Meanwhile, despite past misgivings about its prices, the 2022 iPad Air from Apple starts at just $599.
Revised Microsoft Surface pricing has subsequently seen the Pro 8’s starting price drop to $899.99. As such, the Apple iPad Air 5 and Microsoft Surface Pro 8 are now competing for buyers in a much more similar price bracket. And the similarities don’t stop there.
All of this begs the question – which is the better buy in 2022? Is it Apple’s brand-new iPad Air 5 or the 2021 model Surface Pro 8 from Microsoft?

The Surface Tablet and  iPad  are Similar

On paper, there are numerous similarities between the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and Apple iPad Air 5. On the other hand, various differentiating factors set the two tablets well apart. At a glance, at least, the two aren’t overly dissimilar, although they’re still far from identical.
Specs for the Microsoft Surface Pro 8:
  • Launched in 2021
  • $899.99 starting price
  • 13-inch display
  • 1.96 lbs
Specs for the Apple iPad Air 5:
  • Launched in 2022
  • $599 starting price
  • 10.9-inch display
  • 1.02 lbs
As the above figures show, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is a couple of inches bigger – something that’s most obvious when viewing the two tablets side-by-side. As a result, it’s heavier, too. And while the iPad Air maintains a firm focus on weight-saving, as its name suggests, Microsoft is somewhat less concerned in this regard. Accordingly, the Surface Pro 8 weighs almost twice as much as its competitor.

Tackle Tasks With Ease

Elsewhere, either the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 or Apple iPad Air 5 will tackle many of the same tasks with ease. Both are impressive in their own right, although it’s clear that Microsoft designed the Surface Pro 8 as a 2-in-1, first and foremost, rather than solely as a tablet. Still, attach a keyboard to the iPad Air 5, and it feels every bit as capable in the same regard.
Be that as it may, adding peripherals quickly sees the price of either device increase sharply. It’s especially apparent in the Surface Pro 8’s case, where costs can quickly skyrocket. With both devices, the same applies when specifying options like cellular connectivity, too, rather than simply opting for a Wi-Fi-only model.
All of this is amplified further by upgrading memory and storage. Fully upgraded, the iPad Air 5’s price more than doubles. The same goes for the Surface Pro 8, too, where, fully upgraded, Microsoft’s latest 2-in-1 tablet will set buyers back up to $2,400.

iPad Air 5 or Surface Pro 8: Which to Buy?

Ultimately, the most significant thing setting the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and Apple iPad Air 5 apart is their respective operating systems. That’s likely to be the main factor in deciding one way or the other, particularly where there’s little or no flexibility in this regard. Where that’s less important, though, and for the money, it’s almost impossible to argue with the fifth-generation iPad Air from Apple.
Unless an individual requires a Windows-powered device, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 isn’t an immediately obvious choice. That’s especially true when various lightweight laptops and comparable 2-in-1s now offer more for the same cost or less.

Surface Versus iPad: Tablet of Choice

As a result, the Apple iPad Air 5 is the tablet of choice so far in 2022. While the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 is impressive in its own right, it can’t compete with the $599 fifth-generation iPad Air in many of the areas that matter the most. Specifically, in terms of tablets, that’s things like portability and price. Still, where Windows is a must, the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 serves its purpose well, albeit at a cost. Yet, where Microsoft’s own OS isn’t a necessity, the iPad Air 5 simply makes more sense.
The Microsoft Surface Pro 8 also faces increasingly stiff competition from any number of Android-powered tablets and 2-in-1s. It’s something that’s especially apparent in terms of Samsung and its ever-growing Galaxy Tab lineup.

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