Pros and Cons of Extended Warranties for Tablets

Extended warranties are essential for your everyday devices like smartphones and laptops, but what about tablets? We outlined the pros and cons of extended warranties for tablets to help you decide if you should get one or not.

Are extended warranties a good idea for tablets?

Extended warranties are definitely a good idea for tablets. They offer protection that a screen protector or case cannot. Additionally, if you bring your tablet outside of the house, or have kids that use it, the likelihood of an accidental drop or spill increases. A warranty enables you to get it repaired quickly and for a lot less money than paying for the repair out of pocket.

What does a tablet extended warranty cover?

Tablet extended warranties have different coverage terms depending on what company they are from. Upsie tablet warranties extend the manufacturer warranty and cover accidental damage. Examples of accidental damage include unintended drops, spills and other damage. Here’s a complete breakdown of Upsie tablet insurance coverage:
  • Drops (cracked screens)
  • Spills (liquid damage)
  • Battery and power failures
  • Touch-screen malfunctions
  • Camera failure
  • Headphone jack failure
  • Wifi and bluetooth failures

How much should an extended warranty cost?

An extended warranty for tablets should cost less than the average repair cost. Unfortunately for consumers, that repair cost can range from $60-$599+. Fortunately for consumers, Upsie tablet warranties cost a lot less than typical repair costs. Take a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 priced at $499, for example. A two-year Upsie warranty costs $72.99 with a $25 deductible. Assuming your screen repair costs $150, that’s a savings of $52.01!

Which tablets benefit most from an extended warranty?

Typically, the more high-tech a tablet is, the more expensive it will be to repair. Repairing a screen on a $1,199 12.9-inch iPad Pro can cost $649 from Apple! A two-year warranty from Upsie for the same iPad costs $42.99. Including the $25 deductible, that’s a savings of over $500! Additionally, if you purchase a used or refurbished tablet, you will definitely want a warranty. They cost less upfront, but they already have use on them, meaning they may break down or malfunction more frequently. A warranty from Upsie will enable you to get any repairs done quickly and efficiently so your tablet is never out of service for long.

Is a protection plan different from an extended warranty or device insurance?

Protection plan, extended warranty and insurance are used interchangeably. A protection plan is another name for an extended warranty, but device insurance can sometimes be different because accidental protection is not guaranteed under insurance policies. This is why it’s very important to understand what your plan covers before purchasing it. It might be boring to read terms and conditions, yet it is necessary if the warranty provider does not tell you exactly what is covered. Upsie clearly lists plan and deductible costs, complete coverage details including accident protection, how repairs work and more before you buy the plan. They are 100% transparent with their customers.

How long do I have after purchase to add an extended warranty to my tablet?

You have up to 60 days after purchasing your tablet to get an Upsie warranty. However, we recommended purchasing it sooner rather than later when you still have the device receipt and information on hand. See, with Upsie, you activate your plan by uploading a copy of your receipt and entering basic device information. This way, when you need to make a claim, it’s quick and incredibly easy.
There are many more pros for tablet extended warranties than cons. If you have any questions about Upsie tablet warranties, please contact Upsie or send them a message via Facebook or Twitter.

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Updated 3/22/2022

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