How to Use an iPad as a Laptop Replacement

Can a tablet like Apple’s iPad ever really be a laptop replacement? As it stands, it’s an idea that continues to divide opinion. Four years ago, Apple themselves tried to sell the concept in a global commercial in which a young iPad user asked, “What’s a computer?”
Ultimately, the commercial didn’t go down well, yielding a furious response from the internet. There was also speculation that the ad was a clever comeback to an earlier iPad jibe made by Microsoft’s CEO. Back in 2017, he’d joked about how a reporter using an iPad at a press event needed to “get a real computer.”
Either way, fast-forward to today, and tablets like the iPad are increasingly stealing larger and larger pieces of the laptop market. Many of today’s flagship tablets, including the latest iPad Pro, are more powerful than any number of entry-level laptops. With that, they’re entirely capable of serving as laptop replacements in a growing number of scenarios.

Five Tips for Using a Tablet as a Laptop

While tablets will never replace high-end laptops used for gaming or hugely resource-intensive video editing tasks, for example, opinions on their place as laptop alternatives more generally seem to be changing. Accordingly, here’s a five-minute look at how best to use an iPad as a laptop replacement.

Invest in a Keyboard

Most Bluetooth keyboards will pair with an iPad. So-called keyboard covers like Apple’s Magic Keyboard are also available. They attach magnetically, pair automatically, and help protect an iPad from knocks while simultaneously making them feel more laptop-like. Furthermore, the latest Magic Keyboards also feature a floating cantilever design, backlit keys, and built-in trackpads. However, they are expensive. Prices start at $299.
Thankfully, Apple also sells a couple of other designs, including the $159 Smart Keyboard and $179 Smart Keyboard Folio. Less well-equipped aftermarket options are available as well, with prices starting at around $30.

A Trackpad or Mouse

Those investing $300 in an Apple Magic Keyboard needn’t worry about a trackpad as there’s one built-in. Neither the Smart Keyboard nor Smart Keyboard Folio feature trackpads, though. The same goes for most Bluetooth keyboards and aftermarket iPad keyboard cases.
In this instance, and to get the most laptop-like setup, a separate trackpad may be desirable. Alternatively, and with many regular laptop users also favoring a traditional mouse, iPad owners can take the same steps with their tablet and a suitable wireless model to get much the same experience.

Download Some Helpful Apps

Arguably one of the biggest secrets to transforming an iPad into a capable laptop replacement involves downloading the right apps. Apple has already introduced apps like Pages and Numbers, comparable to Microsoft Word and Excel on Windows.
Yet, one or more third-party apps will likely be central to transforming an iPad into a more laptop-like device for most people. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of options. Even Photoshop from Adobe is now available, which is a real testament to how capable the iPad truly is as a potential laptop replacement.

Update to the Latest Operating System

It’s also essential to ensure that an iPad is running on the latest software when using it as a laptop replacement. Apple continues to make iPadOS feel more and more like a laptop or desktop operating system, especially compared to iOS.
Updates regularly build upon this as well, so it’s crucial to stay on the latest version when attempting to make the most out of any iPad, especially as a laptop alternative.

Protect Your iPad With an Extended Warranty

An extended warranty is a good idea for any tablet. Yet, it becomes an even more important consideration when using an iPad for work or as a laptop replacement. Apple provides various solutions. However, they’re expensive and come with several limitations. Thankfully, other options are available, including Upsie.
Upsie’s extended tablet warranty solutions cost up to 70 percent less than options from retailers or manufacturers, including options from AppleCare. Plus, all extended tablet warranties are comparable or superior to those sold by competitors in terms of coverage. As a result, customers gain affordable, comprehensive, and intuitive protection.
Upsie’s iPad warranties also include accidental damage protection and the option of having repairs completed at your local Genius Bar for all covered claims. In addition, claims are unlimited up to an iPad’s purchase price.
Find out more by visiting Upsie’s website today.

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