The Best Drawing Tablet Options for Kids

Most kids love to draw and paint. Buying a tablet for kids will save on the mess and allow your children to create over and over again without using up art supplies. There are dozens of great options for drawing tablet options for kids.

How to Choose the Best Drawing Tablet for Kids

Before deciding which tablet to purchase, consider that there are a few types to choose from, and depending on the age of your child, one may work better than another. Depending on your child’s age, skill level, and purpose for the tablet, you should also consider screen size, pressure sensitivity, and built-in parental controls.

Pen Style

The first type is a pen-style tablet which comes with a stylus and is pressure-sensitive, so when your child draws, the image will appear on the screen. These types are great for young children.

Graphics Tablet

The second type is a graphics tablet which you have to plug into a computer; it has no screen. These are typically cheaper than other tablets, but sometimes you can’t save your images.

Computer Tablet

The final option is a computer tablet, which you are probably used to, like an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Best Drawing Tablets for Kids

Let’s explore the best drawing tablet options for kids on the market now.

Young Kids (ages 0-4)

For really young kids, you have a couple of options. The Richgv LCD tablet is a great choice. It’s a pen-style tablet with no pressure sensitivity, so your toddler won’t ruin it by pushing too hard. It has an 8” screen and is inexpensive, and your kids can doodle to their hearts’ content. It is very rugged and splash-proof and comes in many bright colors. However, you can’t save any images. It’s a great starter item and perfect for long trips in the car.
Another option for young kids is the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet for kids. It runs apps specially made for children. The Fire HD 10 Tablet also includes a year of Amazon’s Kids Unlimited platform, where you can download games, TV shows, apps, and more. You will have to buy a stylus separately, though.

Older Kids (ages 5-12)

The iPad mini is an excellent choice for older kids. Not only is it a great drawing tablet when paired with the Apple Pencil, but it functions as an all-around tablet as well. The size is perfect for travel and reading. It also has great battery life and runs thousands of other apps. The Apple iPad Air and Pro are other options with larger screens for more real estate to draw on.
Another popular option is the Iskn Repaper Tablet Faber-Castell Edition. It’s a graphics tablet where you can attach the paper to the slate so your kids will enjoy the natural feel of paper, and the image will show up on your computer or smartphone screen. It’s the best of both worlds between old-school paper and digital drawing. It comes with paper and a stylus, but this tablet is pricey.

Teens and Young Adults

The best overall drawing tablet for teenagers and young adults is the iPad Pro, which works great with powerhouse drawing apps like Procreate. Apple also makes a large iPad Pro (12.9″) tablet if you want to maximize your screen viewing area. Many professional artists prefer to use the iPad to create their digital artworks.

Protect Your Tablet with a Drawing Tablet Warranty

When investing in technology for kids, it’s essential to pair the device with an extended warranty. Children can be rough on equipment, but most manufacturers’ warranties only last a few months and cover inherent defects. That won’t cut it if your toddler drunks their new drawing tablet in the bathtub. By adding coverage from a tablet extended warranty, you can protect your kid’s tablet from every mishap.
Upsie offers the best extended warranty for your kid’s tablet. Upsie protects against screen cracks, drops, spills, and much more. Regardless of whether it’s accidental damage or manufacturing problems, Upsie covers it. In addition, the warranty costs up to 70% less than competitors’ warranties. Plus, you are covered for problems like:
  • Battery issues
  • Power failure
  • Liquid damage
  • Touch screen issues, breaks, or cracks
  • Camera problems
  • Sound or audio failure
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issues
You can reach Upsie’s claims representatives 24/7, and the warranty is transferable if you donate the tablet or sell it later. If something happens to your child’s tablet, you can send it in using Upsie’s free two-day shipping or take it to a local certified repair shop. If it’s an iPad, you can even use the Genius Bar for repairs
Enjoy complete protection when you secure your tablet with an Upsie warranty!

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