Three Reasons Why You Need an Apple iPad Warranty

Apple’s range of iPads is now bigger and more impressive than ever. With that comes several important considerations. As iPads have become larger, more powerful, and more impressive, prices have increased, and with prices rising, the need for an extended warranty has never been higher.
Even used iPads are more expensive than before. Here, an extended warranty is no doubt even more important. However, very few extended warranty providers offer policies for used or refurbished iPads.
Taking into account all of this and more, what follows is a closer look at three reasons why you need an iPad warranty in 2022 for both used and new tablets. We’ll also explain how and where to get the best and most affordable policy and one that’s also available for used and refurbished iPads.

Reason #1: Apple iPad Standard Warranty Is Over Before You Know It

Apple’s standard warranty provisions are great, but they’re over before most customers know it. Because the limited warranty only lasts for 12 months, Apple customers lack the protection they need.
Given the cost of the latest iPads and the potential for things to go wrong, nobody should underestimate the importance of extended warranty coverage. Thankfully, several options are available at numerous price points, including Upsie.

Reason #2: The Best Apple iPad Warranty Includes Accidental Damage Coverage

Even when an iPad still has the balance of its standard Apple manufacturer warranty in place, there’s little to be done in the event of accidental damage. As a result, iPad owners must simply pay out of pocket to repair their devices. In the worst-case scenarios, they may have to replace a tablet entirely.
What many may not know, however, is that the best extended iPad warranties don’t just cover manufacturing defects and other faults. They also cover drops, cracks, liquid spills, and other mishaps. Offering great peace of mind for any iPad owner, it’s an especially useful perk for those who regularly travel with or otherwise carry around their tablet.
The same is true for parents of young kids as well. Whether a child has their own iPad, or if they get their hands on an iPad belonging to mom, dad, or an older sibling, the potential for breakage and other damage is huge. However, safeguarding against this could be as easy as simply locking in an extended iPad warranty with accidental damage coverage.

Reason #3: There Are Options More Affordable Than AppleCare+

AppleCare+ is often the go-to source of extended iPad warranty coverage for many owners. Yet, while seemingly very comprehensive, all AppleCare+ policies come with one or more limitations which may mean that coverage isn’t as far-reaching as one might hope.
That’s not the biggest downside, either. One of the main issues with AppleCare+ is the cost. Prohibitively expensive in many cases, it simply isn’t affordable enough for lots of today’s iPad owners to even consider.
Thankfully, other more affordable options are available. In fact, iPad warranties from Upsie cost up to 70 percent less than warranties from retailers and manufacturers, including AppleCare+. As a result, customers get the same great protection for a fraction of the cost.

How and Where to Get the Best iPad Warranty

The best iPad warranty is one that’s affordable, comprehensive, and easy to understand. These are all key components of Upsie’s extended tablet warranty solutions. Plus, Upsie’s warranties come with a long list of benefits.
First, an extended iPad warranty from Upsie comprehensively covers manufacturing defects, mechanical faults, and other failures for up to three years. Tablet warranties also include accidental damage protection. Plus, customers can purchase policies for both new and used or refurbished iPads.
And best of all? Customers can make unlimited claims up to the purchase price of the device. As a result, customers get comprehensive, unlimited protection that costs up to 70 percent less than protection sold elsewhere.
All warranties are fully transferable, too, should a customer wish to sell their iPad at a later date. It’s for these reasons and plenty more that the best iPad warranty comes from Upsie.

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